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A Crypto City Might Soon be in Nevada

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has moved from being far-off concepts to very practical ones. Nevada could be home to a blockchain and crypto city, thanks to Blockchain LLC.

Crypto City in the Works

The blockchain investment firm is working on building a smart city that would make use of blockchain and crypto. Purchases in the city would make use of digital currencies, such as crypto. As for blockchain, it would be used to keep records across the city. Everything from medical records to personal data would be stored in blockchain.

The crypto city would be located in the Nevada desert. However, government approval for this city has not been given. Blockchains CEO Jeffery Berns says he has asked Nevada authorities to allow him to build his city. He proposed that his new city be built on Blockchains property in Storey County, which is about 67,000 acres. As of the time of writing, the petition is still pending.

If Berns’ request is finally granted, it could be a huge leap for blockchain technology and technology in general. The city would be an “innovation zone” where Blockchains will be able to collect taxes from residents and establish courts. It would be a local government on its own, and partially autonomous.

Opportunity for Those who Want to Start Over

Blockchains plans to start building next year after the necessary paperwork has been put in place. The company is promising about 15,000 homes and 3 million square meters of commercial space, all within 75 years. Berns explains his city is for those who want to do things differently. “There’s got to be a place somewhere on this planet where people are willing to just start from scratch.”

The idea of Bern’s crypto city was first proposed in 2018 when the company bought property in Storey County. Originally, he wanted it to include a content creation studio and a Blockchains campus. Now, with residential development restricted on the land, the city might not be as big as projected.

On the other hand, lawmakers do not seem to buy the idea of a crypto city. Last week, some lawmakers saw draft legislation based on Bern’s idea privately. The legislation is yet to be discussed publicly.

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