BTCZ price prediction for 2022, 2025 to 2030 - Detailed

BTCZ price prediction for 2022, 2025 to 2030

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) might be the next and cheaper version of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), which many people have been craving for years – especially those who think they already missed the train for investment or find it difficult to use BTC for payment due to slow and expensive transactions. 

There are several cryptocurrencies out that claim to be the next and better version of BTC. But many have failed to match the fundamentals and properties of Bitcoin, including its ever-growing demand from both retail and institutional investors. BTCZ is the closest and one of the new coins that are closely following the fundamentals of Bitcoin, the developers and community believes. 

BitcoinZ solves some of the shortcomings plaguing the classic Bitcoin, including slow transaction and intensive mining requirements. For investors and traders, one important thing to consider is the BTCZ price. Market data from Coinmarketcap shows that BTCZ had a good start – more than a 1,000% increase to the all-time high. However, the coin is trading flat at the moment, which is quite something to worry about or perceive as a buying opportunity. 

In order to understand if BitcoinZ is worth investing or ignoring, read through this article to ascertain the fundamentals, market sentiments, and the basis for our BTCZ price prediction in 2022, 2025, 2030, and beyond.

Quick overview of BitcoinZ (BTCZ)

The good description for BitcoinZ is that it’s basically a photocopy of Bitcoin, although with slight changes. The whitepaper presented the crypto as a “revolutionary digital coin” that features the fundamentals of Bitcoin. 

Why “BitcoinZ” as a name?

The development team, which is said to be anonymous – explained that the word “Bitcoin” was chosen to reflect the similarities of both cryptocurrencies, while the “Z” comes as a result of BTCZ’s Zk-snarks cryptography property, which adds more privacy for transactions made using the coin. 

BitcoinZ wasn’t forked from Bitcoin as Bitcoin Cash; neither was it airdropped to cryptocurrency investors. BTCZ is independent, unlike many tokens, because it runs on its native blockchain. The development of the coins is driven by the community, as it reportedly has no CEO or owners – a similar decentralized advantage Bitcoin possesses. 

BTCZ future/roadmap

The ultimate goal of BitcoinZ is to provide cryptocurrency investors a better experience as BTC. The development has been progressive as the community unanimously proposed and implemented several strategic updates that made up BTCZ’s dynamic roadmap for 2019 to 2021. The roadmap for 2022 and the coming years is yet to be updated, although the team has assured on Twitter that it will be publicized. 

BTCZ price performance & stats

Market Cap$6,600,809
Market Rank#1152
Circulating Supply10.78 billion BTCZ
Maximum Supply21 billion BTCZ
All-time High$0.0306
All-time Low$0.00003647
BitcoinZ ROI389.56%
BTCZ price stats

BitcoinZ currently sees a 24hrs trading volume lower than $300,000, probably due to the current bearish situation of the crypto market. 

The coin has been trading since 2017, according to CoinMarketCap. In the early months of the coin, the price pushed tremendously to the upside, fetching over 1,000% gain from $0.0026 in October 2017 to the all-time high of $0.0306 in January 2018. Since reaching the high, BTCZ price gradually declined until reaching the worst/all-time low price at $0.00003647.

BTCZ price charts from CoinMarketCap.

BTCZ has been trading flat for the past months, but that could change in 2022, 2025, or 2030.

Interesting facts about BitcoinZ

  • BTCZ is a deflationary coin 
  • 100% community-driven
  • No pre-ownership, pre-mine, ICO, instamine, forkdrops. 
  • The coin is mineable even with a PC.
  • Block time is 2.5 minutes
  • Features Zhash ASIC resistance algo.
  • The mining reward or supply is halved every four years.

Why invest in BitcoinZ?

Judging by the charts, there’s obviously nothing too exciting happening with BitcoinZ. But, when looking beyond the BTCZ price, there are still opportunities for investors and traders. Even some price analytic platforms and users are painting a bullish picture for BTCZ. 

Are there pros and cons for investing in BitcoinZ? Here is what you must know before investing in BTCZ. 

Pros of investing in BitcoinZ

  • BTCZ is a deflationary asset and that’s good for price growth. As mentioned, the supply is halved every four years. 
  • It can be used for payments, much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.
  • The development is managed by a community. Hence, there won’t be any chance of a rug pug.
  • Anyone can take part in BTCZ mining, even with a private computer. This creates room for more decentralization.
  • Overall, BitcoinZ is mission-driven and can avail so many use cases.
  • BTCZ can make a good investment in the long term.

Cons of investing in BitcoinZ

  • Price can be easily manipulated due to low trading volume.
  • BTCZ has less market demand or interest. 
  • The value of the coin has been trading flat for months now.

Where to buy BTCZ

You can buy BTCZ tokens from the following crypto exchanges:











BitcoinZ market prediction 2022 – 2030

BitcoinZ still has some level of trust in the market. Some people are going bullish on the cryptocurrency, regardless of the fact that it has been trading flat for months now. The images below are what people have to say concerning BitcoinZ price in the future. Please stick to the end to see our final verdict about BTCZ price predictions for 2022, 2025, and 2030. 

Wallet Investor BTCZ price prediction

Wallet Investor BitcoinZ price prediction chart

Both the short-term and long-term BTCZ price predictions by Wallet Investor show they are bullish on the future price of the cryptocurrency. In one year, the platform forecasts that BitcoinZ price can increase from $0.000591 USD to $0.000649. Wallet Investors also predict that BitcoinZ price will reach $0.00175 in 2027. With a long-term earning potential of over 9%, BTCZ is a profitable bet for Wallet Investors. 

Coindataflow BTCZ price prediction

Coindataflow BitcoinZ price prediction chart

Coindataflow doesn’t expect any massive increase for BTCZ in the coming year, If the coin has 1% of Bitcoin’s previous average growth in a year. However, at 10%, BitcoinZ price can reach $0.00073 in 2023, $0.00092 in 2024, $0.00116 in 2025, and $0.00147 in 2026. So, Coindataflow expects the price to increase as the average growth rate increases. 

Trading Beasts BTCZ price prediction

Trading Beasts BitcoinZ price prediction chart

Trading Beast went bullish on BitcoinZ price prediction. In February, the platform predicted that the market value of the coin would increase to $0.0008 on average, but a slight correction to $0.0007707 in December 2022.

Digital Coin Price BTCZ price prediction

Digital Coin Price BitcoinZ price prediction chart

Digital Coin Price forecasts that BitcoinZ price will increase in the future. One year from now, the value can increase to $0.000984, $0.00098462843 in 2023, $0.00108075383 in 2024, $0.00110532276 in 2025, $0.00126441400 in 2026, $0.00192832126 in 2027, $0.00183556949 in 2028, and $0.00256671632 in 2029. 

Cryptoground BTCZ price prediction

Trading Beasts BitcoinZ price prediction chart

Cryptoground predicts a 94.36% (or $0.0007) increase in the price of BTCZ one year from now. In 2024, there could be a slight increase to $0.0009 before the coin shoots up for $0.007 in 2025, $0.009 in 2026, and $0.01 in 2027. Cryptoground is also of the view that BitcoinZ can make a good investment in the long-term – precisely five years from now. 

BTCZ price prediction for 2022

MonthMinimum Price ($)Maximum Price ($)Average Price ($)
April 0.00070000.00102950.0008236
June 0.00069560.00102300.0008184
July 0.00069210.00101780.0008143
August 0.00068740.00101090.0008087
October 0.00067440.00099180.0007934
November 0.00066550.00097870.0007829
December 0.00065510.00096340.0007707

BTCZ price prediction for 2023

MonthMinimum Price ($)Maximum Price ($)Average Price ($)
January 20230.00064220.00094450.0007556
February 20230.00062670.00092170.0007373
March 20230.00063710.00093700.0007496
April 20230.00065550.00096400.0007712
May 20230.00067380.00099090.0007927
June 20230.00069310.00101930.0008154
July 20230.00071210.00104720.0008377
August 20230.00073180.00107620.0008610
September 20230.00075170.00110540.0008843
October 20230.00077090.00113370.0009070
November 20230.00079080.00116290.0009303
December 20230.00080990.00119100.0009528

BTCZ price prediction for 2024

MonthMinimum Price ($)Maximum Price ($)Average Price ($)
January 20240.00082950.00121990.0009759
February 20240.00084890.00124840.0009987
March 20240.00086690.00127490.0010199
April 20240.00088600.00130290.0010423
May 20240.00090410.00132960.0010637
June 20240.00092270.00135690.0010855
July 20240.00094030.00138290.0011063
August 20240.00095840.00140930.0011275
September 20240.00097610.00143540.0011483
October 20240.00099300.00146030.0011682
November 20240.00101020.00148550.0011884
December 20240.00102650.00150960.0012077

BTCZ price prediction for 2025

MonthMinimum Price ($)Maximum Price ($)Average Price ($)
January 20250.00104320.00153410.0012273
February 20250.00105960.00155820.0012465
March 20250.00107410.00155820.0012637
April 20250.00109000.00160290.0012823
May 20250.00110510.00162520.0013001
June 20250.00112050.00164780.0013182
July 20250.00113510.00166930.0013354
August 20250.00115000.00169120.0013530
September 20250.00116470.00171280.0013702
October 20250.00117860.00173330.0013866
November 20250.00119280.00175420.0014033
December 20250.00120640.00177410.0014193

BTCZ price prediction for 2030

All the prediction platforms suggest the price of BitcoinZ will increase with every proceeding year. In 2030, a fair forecast would be $0.003 BTCZ, depending on the state of the cryptocurrency market in the next eight years. 

Coindicate BitcoinZ price prediction

Judging by BitcoinZ price predictions so far, the cryptocurrency is expected to rise in market value from 2022 onwards. This is a bullish indication for anyone looking to invest in the coin, especially for the long term. So, we could say BTCZ can make a good long-term bet. 

But some things are missing with the project, and one of them is promotion. Creating awareness for a coin like BTCZ sets the next level for the cryptocurrency. BitcoinZ is scalable, and it offers more privacy, which all make it a better copy of the classic Bitcoin. So, with promotion comes more awareness than investors. 

Another factor that can influence the price of BTCZ is the crypto market itself. When the market is bearish, as seen today, the majority of cryptocurrencies tend to trend to the downside, BTCZ included. However, we can expect prices to start increasing when the bulls are in charge. 

Best BitcoinZ (BTCZ) wallets

If you decide to buy BTCZ, it’s also important that you securely store the cryptocurrency in a wallet. We listed the best BTCZ wallets you can use on mobile, iOS, and desktops. Before using them, however, please do your research for reviews to figure out which wallet is ideal and safe for you.

BTCZ wallets for Android & iOS mobile

  • Coinomi
  • Vidulum
  • Simplio
  • BTCZ Paper Wallet
  • SafePAY
  • Zelcore

BTCZ wallets for Windows PC

  • BitcoinZ Full Node Wallet
  • BitcoinZ Electrum Wallet
  • Atomicdex Multiwallet
  • BitcoinZ DEX Multiwallet
  • SafePay
  • Zelcore
  • Coinomi
  • Vidulum
  • BTCZ Paper Wallet

BTCZ wallets for MacOS PC

  • SafePay
  • Zelcore
  • Coinomi
  • BTCZ Paper Wallet

BTCZ wallets for Linux PC

  • BitcoinZ Full Node Wallet
  • BitcoinZ Electrum Wallet
  • SafePay
  • Zelcore
  • Coinomi
  • Vidulum
  • BitcoinZ Paper Wallet


Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions by investors regarding BitcoinZ (BTCZ).

What is BitcoinZ Coin

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that possesses similar properties as Bitcoin, with improvements in the area of scalability and privacy. It’s often flaunted by the community as Bitcoin 2.0.

How much is BTCZ worth?

BTCZ is currently worth $0.0006. It’s the 1152 largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $6.6 million.

How can I buy BTCZ?

The first step to buying BTCZ is registering with any of the crypto exchanges that support the coin – Crex24, Graviex, SafeTrade, and STEX. The second step is to fund your account with the supported crypto for trading BTCZ. For instance, Crex24 allows buying BTCZ with Bitcoin and USDT. 

Where can I sell my BTCZ?

At the moment, you can only sell BTCZ on the four cryptocurrency exchanges – Crex24, Graviex, SafeTrade, and STEX. 

What is BTCZ contract address?

BitcoinZ or BTCZ runs on its own blockchain. You can learn more about the contract and coin transaction from the following explorers: BTCZ Rocks and BitcoinZ Explorer.

Is BTCZ a token or coin?

BTCZ is a coin because it runs on its own blockchain. A token is any crypto deployed on a contracted blockchain – like Ethereum, Solana, etc. – and can represent a share in a company. A coin is the opposite, for example, Bitcoin. 

Can you mine BitcoinZ?

Yes, BitcoinZ can be mined because the coin is powered through the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. It’s said that anyone with a working PC can mine BTCZ, even.

Is BTCZ a good investment?

Predictions are BTCZ is a good investment for the long term. But this doesn’t negate the fact that price can go either way depending on the condition of the market and marketing strength of the community. 

Should I invest in BitcoinZ?

Investing in BTCZ for the short term can be risky, given that the price is more likely to experience high volatility throughout this phase. For long term, yes, you can invest in the cryptocurrency if you are ready to manage the risks. Only invest the amount you can afford to lose.

Heads up!

The BitcoinZ price predictions from these platforms are no guarantee for the future. The data and predictions are for informational purposes. None of the forecasts should be solely taken as financial advice. 

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