Mistakenly Transferred $10 Million to a Lady Instead of a $100 Mistakenly Transferred $10 Million to a Lady Instead of a $100 accidentally sent $10.5 million to a lady’s account who had requested a refund for her $100.

Two Melbourne women by name, Thevamanogari Manivel, and Thilagavathy Gangadory, have been faced with legal actions after fleeing with a whopping $10.5 million, which was accidentally sent to Manviel’s account, which she purposely didn’t report back.’s Costly Mistake

The high-profile cryptocurrency firm mistakenly transferred $10.5 million to Manviel’s account while trying to process her request for a $100 refund back in May 2021.

A report from Mail online detailed that the situation arose when a employee tried issuing a refund of $100 to Manviel. However, an error occurred while in the process, Manviel’s account number was copied into the payment box then instead of transferring just $100, $10,474,143 approximately was sent to Manviel’s account. later tracked down the transaction after an audit following an audit later in 2021. The exchange tried getting a refund of the money back, but it noticed that Manviel had already sent the money out from her account down to different accounts.

Following the report from Herald Sun Australian-based news media, Manviel had already spent about $1.35 million on a furnished 5-bedroom luxury apartment with $430,000, which was transferred to her daughter’s account. The remaining funds were pushed to different unknown accounts.

Court Orders Refund to had to file to court over the matter to freeze Manviel and her daughter’s account just in February 2022 after finding out that the $10.1 million had already left the account to a different account.

The information sparked up that the house Registration had been transferred to Manviel’s sister Gangadory who lived in Malaysia.

Now, has taken full legal action to bring Manviel and her colleagues to pay back the fees with a 10% interest as pronounced by the Supreme court. The court also ordered that the house be sold in order to recover the cost.

Meanwhile, Gangadory is said to be “seeking legal advice,” saying that her lawyers would be in touch, but neither of them showed up after.

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