Getting started as a blockchain engineer

Getting started as a blockchain engineer

You are probably reading this because you’ve heard about blockchain and how it can improve the future of several sectors, including finance. Well, that is true. Blockchain has unlimited potential and is already being adopted by forward-thinking companies. 

The demand for blockchain engineers is increasing quickly across different countries of the world. As a blockchain engineer, CNBC reports that you can earn around $150,000 to $175,000 per year. That doesn’t sound bad, does it? Suppose you want to be a blockchain engineer. In that case, you have to deeply understand the basics and overview of blockchain technology before considering what particular role you can play in the space as a good blockchain engineer.

What is blockchain?

Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger. Information or data stored on the technology are immutable and can be accessed by anyone with permission. If it’s a public blockchain, then it can be viewed by everybody. Blockchain is very common in the digital currency industry, owing to the fact that the technology powers cryptocurrencies, including the decentralized finance (DeFi).

However, this doesn’t mean your work is just limited to cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has great potential, and it can be adopted to improve the systems in the health care sector, supply chain management, education, finance, just to mention a few.

Your blockchain engineering role

Before we get into what you would be expected to do, you must possess knowledge of computer programming. You cannot begin this role if you do not know how to code, as it is one of the fundamentals. Also, you need to be fluent in various programming languages. As an engineer, you are the creator of the project or the blockchain itself. You are the one who makes it from scratch.

You would also have to create blockchains according to specific needs. For example, the kind of blockchain you would create for a healthy company will be different from the one you would make for a supply chain management company. 

After you understand the purpose, you will then need to set up the blockchain for your clients. Any supporting documentation that is necessary for the framework would be created by you as well.

Requirements for blockchain engineers.

Here are the things you need to have to start-up your career:

In-depth information on blockchain: Remember, you are the blockchain-based project creator. If you do not know much about it, how can you build something worthwhile? Even if you have some knowledge, you can always add to what you know. A solid understanding of blockchain will help you carry out your work seamlessly, as you will hardly get confused. You also have to understand different terms related to blockchain – from the most basic ones like blocks and hash rates to the complex. 

A deep understanding of data structures: In addition to blockchain knowledge, you need to understand what data structures are and how they work. This is because you would use these structures a lot, and inadequate knowledge can cause you to make mistakes with your blockchain. Blockchains basically deal with the storage and accessibility of data, which relies on good data structures.

Insight on interoperability: What is interoperability? This is when systems and machines are able to communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. Every company you are going to be working with will love to have all their systems working together on the blockchain. All devices used by a company should be connected and responsive on the blockchain. If you are confused about this, take some time to understand the nitty-gritty of interoperability as it is essential.

Knowledge of front-end and back-end development: Having knowledge of coding is important, but these two aspects should get you running efficiently. It is not really necessary for you to go too deep into these concepts, but intermediate knowledge will definitely give you an edge.  Understand that you might be dealing with User Interface (UI) and APIs, which need both front-end and back-end knowledge, respectively.

Skill with blockchain development tools: How can you create a device when you do not know what comments go into it? Blockchain development tools are used by blockchain developers like you to build the chain. Familiarize yourself with these tools, understand how each of them works, and know how you can use them to give your objectives. Examples of some blockchain development tools are Solidity, Geth, and Metamask.

Start writing your own codes: The easiest way to build your portfolio as soon as you are done learning the basics is to develop your blockchain codes. This should count for your experience and portfolio, and it will help you establish yourself as someone serious about that blockchain engineering role before any potential client or company. You could also start mini projects of your own to master your blockchain engineering skills so that you can uphold practical experience when you finally get to work.

Understand where your blockchains can be applied: A good knowledge of all the technical aspects of blockchain is great, but if you want to stay ahead of your peers, you need more. Read about economics, about different sectors, and companies. Doing this will open up your mind and give you unique e ideas you can use to up your game.

Life skills for blockchain engineers

You must have life skills, too, because, without this skillset, you might not go very far in your blockchain engineering career.

  • Be solution-oriented: Instead of dwelling on problems, you have to think of solutions. When you encounter an obstacle in your blockchain, instead of giving up or complaining, solve the problem.
  • Be a good communicator: Since you will be dealing with a lot of people, always be polite and calm. Express yourself clearly.
  • Be open to learning: Constantly learning new things and doing away with outdated information will help in all aspects of your life, not just blockchain.


Being a blockchain engineer can be a tasking but rewarding job. If you’re eager to start up your career, the points in this guide will help you have a good foundation. You must brush up on your programming skills – very important.  

Update yourself with current trends in the blockchain space so that you can stay in line with the competition. This field is not saturated as there are not many blockchain engineers, so you have the opportunity of becoming a prime mover if you are hardworking and dedicated.

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