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Miami Mayor Endorses BTC; Says It May Be Used To Pay Salaries

Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez said that the city will adopt BTC as a means to carry out several important financial payments including salary payment. The mayor backed the cryptocurrency and appreciated the city’s commissioners for supporting his resolution on the cryptocurrency.

The city is set to acquire a vendor to have the option to offer workers the alternative to get a segment of their payments in Bitcoin. 

He added this permits the inhabitants to pay for charges in Bitcoin and would likewise permit the city manager to help out the county to permit taxes to be paid in Bitcoin.

General Public in Support of the Miami Mayor Move

The public caught ear of the report and the crypto community are beyond pleased.

Notable crypto enthusiast Anthony Pomoliano is one of the many others who commented on the new decree.

Pomoliano wrote; 

“It is a matter of national security that the United States embraces and adopts Bitcoin. The only way to remain in the leadership position on a global stage is to ensure that we benefit from the open, decentralized protocol. Anything less will be catastrophic to the country.”

On his twitter page, he highlighted the other major parts of the Miami Mayor’s new declaration.

The Miami Mayor while speaking on this explained that,

“The city of Miami supports efforts to make Bitcoin an acceptable currency for us to potentially invest in in the future. It is wonderful to be a very crypto forward city in Miami,”

Since the start of the year BTC has been on a bullish run, barring the little dips. The cryptocurrency reached an all time high of $47,000 with many believing it will still rise further.

 According to a post on Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee’s Twitter page bitcoin seems to have hit a new height. The recent ATH has pushed the asset’s completely diluted market capitalization to a record one trillion dollars.

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