Russell Okung

NFL Player Russell Okung Recieves Half of His Earnings in Bitcoin

A new trend has started in the world of sports. Sportsmen and women have started adopting new ways in which they want their salary to be paid.

BTC or Nothing Please

Russell Okung, an athlete who plays for Carolina Panthers in the American National Football League (NFL) made a recent announcement. He reported that he has at last gotten half of his $13 million yearly expenses in Bitcoin. 

Okung broke the record to become the first person in the NFL to get paid in Bitcoin. He requested his salary payment through Bitcoin in 2019 and lastly got half of his $13 million expenses in BTC.

Okung converted over $6.5 million of his NFL pay into Bitcoin through BTC payment startup Zap. Okung has been an incredible supporter of digital currency as he tweeted in May 2019 that he needed to be paid with the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. 

The NFL Player answered to his tweet and reported that he has at last gotten payment in Bitcoin. Okung censured the US Dollar and raised worries about rising inflation. 

He clarified unmistakably that, When payments are completely paid in Bitcoin, nobody can instruct anyone with the worth they make.

He said if we all think decisions are manipulated stand by until we find out about the US dollar. We can make value ‘x’ a year and watch it gradually crumble with inflation. He, therefore, advised that we all can ensure our cash with Bitcoin.

Sports and BTC

NFL explicitly explained that the firm didn’t pay Okung directly in Bitcoin. They said he changed over his yearly salary into BTC through a startup. Despite the explanation that the American League isn’t seeking after salary payment directly through Bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital currency has picked up tremendous fame among competitors around the globe.

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