Six (6) Among Us NFT collections - Here’s why you shouldn’t buy

Six (6) Among Us NFT collections – Here’s why you shouldn’t buy

Among Us NFT collections and memes

NFTs have led the charge of many major industries, including fashion, music, and real estate, into the digital space. The gaming industry isn’t left behind as it’s also garnering the interest of NFT lovers anticipating the release of NFT-based play-to-earn games.

Among Us is a popular game that blew the internet during the COVID-19 lockdown. This social partying game is already a target prospect for NFT fans. Even though the game’s developers are yet to implement any NFT use cases, there’s been the release of different NFT collections modeled after the characters in the game.

What is Among Us? And how will the addition of NFTs and a play-to-earn model improve the game? These and more are explained in this article. We’ll also review some NFT collections that use Among Us-based characters.

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Among Us (The Game): Everything You Need to Know

The popular social party game, Among Us, was released in 2018 as a game of cooperation and betrayal. Its concept is based on a murder-mystery film and video game genre, which requires teamwork, making the game more enjoyable.

When the government implemented COVID lockdown measures, the game benefitted from this policy, and its growth experienced a climax. It attracted over 100 million mobile app downloads and 60 million daily active users, winning numerous game awards.

The game’s mechanics operate on the social deduction theory, and the gameplay centers on a dispute between two teams. There are 4-15 players allowed with one or two with the role of an imposter. 

During the game, crewmates don’t know who the imposters are, but the imposters are aware of it. 

The winning strategy for the imposters’ team is to assassinate every crew member without being discovered. On the other hand, crew members must either identify the imposters and vote them off the ship or complete the ship’s repairs by carrying out modest jobs. The crewmates’ success will be assured as a result.

Is there a catch?

The game wouldn’t be fun if finding the villain was the only challenge.

The big catch is that communication between players is only permitted during emergency meetings. You cannot simply schedule emergency meetings, either. A player cannot activate the emergency button until they have located and reported the body of a deceased crew member.

Additionally, each participant is limited to one button press per game. The players debate what they have seen and heard during these emergency sessions and decide whether to expel a suspect individual or keep working on the limited number of jobs.

Finally, the imposters will undoubtedly attend the emergency meetings and try to persuade the other players of their sincerity. The crew members must cooperate and use reason to see through deception and make appropriate decisions.

Six Among Us NFT collections

While we are still waiting for the game developers to release an official NFT collection and NFTs to its gaming ecosystem, let’s review the Among Us-themed NFT collections that have been released.

These collections or NFT may be inspired by the Among Us, but they are not affiliated or associated with the original Among Us game or developers. Hence, it’s not advisable to buy these NFTs, as you might be left with fake or worthless NFTs.

1. Among us 4life NFT collection

Among us 4life NFT collection is a unique Among Us-themed NFT art launched on the minting platform. This NFT collection features over 50 unique Among Us-based NFT arts with several special and limited editions. While the creator of this collection is still unknown, you’ll find the NFTs featured in this collection appealing. 

2. Pixelized Among Us Punks

Pixelized Among us Punks is a collection of 32 unique pixelized Among Us-based NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the OpenSea Network. The total volume of this collection is 0.19 ETH and has 11 owners at the time of this writing. 

The concept of this collection is amazing, but it would have been great if it had a form of use case aside from being a collection of artworks. Some of the NFT in this collection include; -Among us Punks- Heaven computer edition!, -Among us Punks- 4nt among us!, -Among us Punks- Zolo11 Among us!, etc.

3. BAmongUs NFT Collection

BAmongUs is an awesome, unique, and rare collection of 20,000 Among us NFT-theme characters built on the Binance Smart Chain. The collection has six categories of BAmongUs characters: normal, skinless, aliens, ghosts, zombies, and the Binance Team.

One BAmongUs can be minted for just 0.15 Binance Coin (BNB), and users can choose random BAmongUs from the pool. 

Users can play games on the site using their BAmongUs and get paid with the governance token. Certain games will be BAmongUs type-specific, allowing only specified sorts of BAmongUs to play.

BAmongUs include features such as cool masks, laser eyes, the ability to hold cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, and BNB), fashionable accessories, and more.

The option to swap 10 BAmongUs characters for a rare and one-of-a-kind pet is yet another awesome BAmongUs feature! Users can mix their BAmongUs with their pets using the “Petize” option to produce a special character that inserts the pet next to the BAmongUs to create a new NFT.  

4. Pixel Among Us NFT Collection 

The Pixel Among Us NFT Collection is a bit-by-bit tribute to the brilliant Among Us community. View the collection at OpenSea. There are currently 12 Among Us-themed characters in this collection. Each NFT has unique stats and characteristics ready to be bought, traded/held as a collectible.

The creators also promise more characters and situations will be minted soon.

6. Cool Among Us

Cool Among Us is a community-driven collectibles NFT project that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aired its first NFT airdrop on January 20, 2022, lasting until January 27, 2022. The first 2000 CAU was free for loyal followers. 

Holders of the Cool Among Us NFT tokens will receive certain benefits. The project will send some of the trading fees back to the holders. The developers also promised all future transactions by investors would go through successfully with optimized gas (lower gas fee).

19 Among Us NFT memes

There are tons of Among Us-themed NFT memes out there. Some of these NFTs were minted by individuals and they have low-to-no trading volume or history.

1AMONG US NFT #0004OpenSea
2Among Us Cauliflower NuggetOpenSea
4AMONG US #17OpenSea
5Among us #10OpenSea
6Among Us    OpenSea
7Among uss finger painted #whiteartOpenSea
8there is 1 impostor among usOpenSea
9Among Us Type BeatOpenSea
10Original AmongUs    OpenSea
11among us #9OpenSea
12Among Us shake buttOpenSea
13among us #8    OpenSea
14Pixel Among Us #0OpenSea
15Among Us Love    OpenSea
16the among us knife is not just in there its in the back a lil surpriseOpenSea
17among us #11OpenSea
18among us #6OpenSea
19among us #4OpenSea

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How would Among Us NFT impact the game?

There are two major character categories in Among Us — crew mates and imposters — and each is customizable. Players can customize their character’s appearance by selecting numerous traits like skin tone, clothes, caps, and a visor! 

This feature could form the foundation of Among Us in-game NFTs.

The developers can completely change the gameplay of Among Us by using NFTs instead of the tedious free version of the game. In this murder-mystery solving game, players can pay a set amount of ETH to purchase their own Among Us NFT, further personalize it, and play alongside their avatar.

But there should be a catch to make it more fun. 

You can’t willfully acquire a crewmate or impostor character. Users won’t be able to access the NFT content or determine if the character is an honest crewmate or a cunning imposter unless they make a purchase. 

Can Among Us Play-To-Earn NFT game be a reality?

Please note that this is not currently a feature of Among Us. We are simply illustrating how Among Us can adopt a play-to-earn model to transform the gameplay to the next level. 

The best way to capture the interest of all players and foster team collaboration is by introducing an entry fee. Each player must connect their crypto wallet to enter the game room. By paying a small entry fee in ETH, all players contribute to the winning prize pot. 

Assuming that each game has ten players, where each player contributes 0.01 ETH, the total prize pot will be worth 0.1 ETH or approximately 100 USD. With real money at stake, you can expect great attention from each player. 

If the Crewmates work strategically and ensure they can spot out imposters before it’s too late, they stand a chance of winning ETH. By voting out the imposters and fixing the crumbling spaceship, they will claim the total pie of ETH to themselves. 

On the other hand, imposters need to ensure that crewmates fail at their tasks. Or kill all the crewmates onboard the vessel. If they can slay all crewmates, they will rightfully claim the prize pot and take home 0.10 ETH. 

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The fate of NFT in the video game Among Us is still unknown. This year, none of the game publishers discussed NFTs or the blockchain; there were also no sponsored segments from cryptocurrency businesses. 

Please note that this article doesn’t promote the sale of any NFT listed above and isn’t intended as a piece of financial advice. These NFTs are not affiliated with the original Among Us game, so they are not a good investment. 

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