Things You Didn't Know About Monkey Ball Crypto. Should You Buy It?

Things You Didn’t Know About Monkey Ball Crypto. Should You Buy It?

One of the most interesting and exciting things about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as they are popularly known, is that they can be used in real life.

There used to be a time when virtual economies were only used for self-government and an (often small) marketplace for a speculative trade, but those days are over.

Instead, early Metaverse and Web 3.0 projects are starting to see and use the potential that video games can bring to the world of DeFi.

These online platforms may quickly surpass other types of crypto companies by enabling users to profit from virtual economies, hence accelerating development.

The Monkey Ball crypto native currency is the MBS Token, which can be traded on exchanges under the symbol $MBS.

The MBS Token

The Monkey Ball crypto is the currency that ties the whole Monkey Ball ecosystem together, which has now been rebranded to Monkey League. Although this token may be bought and sold like any other cryptocurrency (on cryptocurrency exchanges), its primary value is in the games themselves, making it a speculative token with little use.

MBS tokens can be used to pay for things on the Monkey Ball platform. This lets players create and control a digital economy in the game.

Once a customer buys a one-of-a-kind item or asset in a game, it belongs to them and can’t be purchased by any other player again until the first customer resells it, often for a profit.

This is possible because the blockchain-encrypted ledger stores all ownership information. Therefore, any item or entity inside the game is, in fact, an NFT subject to the same rules as any other NFT.

As mentioned above, you can buy MBS on the Monkey Ball platform.

Usually, the people who owned these tokens could also vote on changes and updates to the network. This is called “governance” in the crypto world (or DAO).

However, the Monkey Ball platform is an exception since it employs its own native token for this purpose. Score tokens (also abbreviated as “$SCORE”) are the in-game currency used in Monkey Ball. Players can purchase them with real money or earn them while playing.

What Exactly Is Monkey Ball Crypto?

MonkeyBall is a multiplayer eSports game built on the Solana Blockchain. The players are monkeys, and the game is a mix of Decentralized Finance, NFTs, and soccer.

Like any other play-to-earn, it gives players a pleasant experience and a way to make money as they play. The Unity platform is being used to develop the game.

MonkeyBall combines the best parts of turn-based play-to-earn soccer games like FIFA Street and traditional role-playing games like Final Fantasy by introducing the idea of asset portability. This lets players own their in-game assets in the form of NFTs.

The game MonkeyBall can be played on either a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Gamers on the platform can show off their creativity by using the in-game assets to participate in the MonkeyBall gaming world, which is designed to be fun for a wide range of players by offering well-designed gameplay roles.

Users may either take an active role in the MonkeyBall ecosystem or observe it from the sidelines. all in an effort to support a player-owned, decentralized sci-fi gaming economy.

The Monkey Ball Game

MonkeyBall is simply a 4v4 arcade football game where players can own a team, host a game, or just watch.

Every MonkeyBall squad has four players: a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, and a striker.

Two teams face off in contests that last anywhere from 12 to 6 rounds. The player may move about by dribbling, passing, shooting, or using special skills.

When both sides have taken their turns, or if a player manually clicks “End Turn,” the game ends.

The Monkeys are predestined for certain wing types because of the talents programmed into their DNA.

These skills may be programmed into the monkeys or instilled in them. Because of the monkeys’ proficiency in the wing position they play, they are better able to respond to their opponent’s moves on the field.

The Origin

The Monkey Ball Crypto team comprises creative people who work in the decentralized applications (DApp), video game, and comic book industries.

The famous Raz Friedman is one of them; he co-created several well-known online gaming platforms, including Poker Heat, Bingo Blitz, and Slotomania.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen was the CEO of COTI before he joined DeFi. Since the beginning of the MonkeyBall project, he has been involved with it.

These two want to build the digital foundation needed to launch a project as big as Monkey Ball. They will do this by improving their approach to game mechanics and decentralized economics. 

The Relationship Between Monkey Ball And Solana

Monkey Ball NFTs are the basic foundation of the Monkey Ball Crypto. NFT encryption, which is based on the blockchain, is used to protect each and every individual place, character, and object.

Solana, a rising star in the world of cryptocurrencies, is used by Monkey Ball NFTs to protect transactional activity on their platform while also improving usability and performance. Solana has become a popular hosting platform for many different NFT systems because it is easy to use and works with many other systems.

Monkey Ball NFTs use the Solana system in numerous ways, mostly for encryption. By doing this, every node in the network has a copy of the digital ledger, which keeps track of user information and checks transactions.

By using this cutting-edge method, DeFi apps can make sure that no one cheats the system and get around the need for a central third party to act as a deal broker.

How Does It Work?

Monkey Ball tokens have many applications. Basically, these are:

In the Monkey Ball crypto game, the MBS token is the universal money that can be used to purchase players, stadiums, and anything else in the game. Users can use the central virtual economy of the platform if they have MBS tokens.

The MBS token can be used as an exchange token for cryptocurrencies on platforms other than Monkey Ball. Because token holders may sell their tokens if they so want, this essentially establishes a secondary market for these kinds of transactions.

By focusing on these two applications, Monkey Ball hopes to differentiate itself from other NFT startups. The game’s currency must be practical as well as easy to use, but Monkey Ball must also improve its platform and make the game itself as fascinating and tempting as possible.

This will promote repeat business from investors, boost the platform’s development, and encourage individuals to keep buying MBS tokens in the future.

Monkey Ball Token Price History

So far, the Monkey Ball token hasn’t done very well on the market. It launched on December 12, 2021, with a price of $1.36, sparking early interest.

Two weeks later, the price had jumped to $2.51, and its early success had led many to anticipate even greater things for the platform in the future. This didn’t happen for Monkey Ball’s token and early investors. The price dropped fast and never stopped, falling below a dollar on January 20, 2022.

Despite the fact that the whole cryptocurrency market saw a huge fall towards the end of 2021 (and into 2022), this was not the only issue facing the Monkey Ball token platform.

Many investors complained online about Monkey Ball, stating things were not as they looked. In fact, some analysts have said that the project hasn’t lived up to expectations, and if there aren’t any updates soon, they think that the whole Monkey Ball platform may fail.

Although these accusations can’t be easily verified, they’re not isolated, prompting many to doubt if this NFT platform is as legit as it seems. This has a clear effect on MBS tokens, which have been going down in recent months. Five days after MBS’s price plummeted below $1, it halved to $0.45 on January 25, 2022.

Monkey Ball Crypto 1-year price chart
Monkey Ball Crypto 1-year price chart

Some experts had predicted that the price would rise from here since it was now considered a “value asset,” but this turned out to be false. In fact, by March 26, 2022, the price of MBS had dropped by half again, and if things stay the same (by the end of the year), this is likely to happen again in a few months.

How to Buy Monkey Ball Crypto

It is possible to purchase and/or trade MBS tokens on a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges on the web. True, the number of exchanges that accept MBS tokens is dropping, but the Monkey Ball platform itself is still a major one.

Final Thoughts

The price of an MBS token is dropping. Without a significant inflow of funds and/or user acceptance, the platform’s current trend will likely continue into the near future and may even cause the MBS token to collapse. But it’s not all bad for Monkey Ball. 

The platform can recover if it can push out upgrades that improve gaming and concentrate on engagement. However, in the short history of cryptocurrencies, weirder things have occurred than the creation of MBS tokens and Monkey Ball games.

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