Top 11 Blockchain Courses to Land High-Paying Jobs

Top 11 Blockchain Courses to Land High-Paying Jobs

Blockchain companies are paying huge salaries to developers because there’s a dire need for experts in the blockchain field. The good news is that anyone can break into the blockchain industry even without any prior knowledge of coding. However, you’ll need to take some courses and acquire some certificates to boost your chances of getting a job. 

But how do you know the right blockchain course for you? We’ve reviewed some of the most popular blockchain courses across several e-learning platforms to help you find the ideal choice. This article will also answer some of the related questions you might have about blockchain jobs and courses.

Let’s get started by answering an important question.

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Are Blockchain Jobs High Paying?

Yes, blockchain and Web3 jobs can be lucrative if you have the required knowledge, skills, and experience. According to Web3.Carrer, the global average yearly salary of a blockchain developer is $100k. 

The reason why blockchain companies pay developers high salaries is due to some reasons. For one, these companies are well-funded and can afford high salaries. Also, there’s a limited number of experienced developers in the space, making it imperative to pay a premium to attract the best in the field. 

Additionally, blockchain companies frequently lack incentive features like stock options, 401(k) plans with matching contributions, and workplace healthcare coverage, which are crucial in the US. Thus, they tend to offer high compensation to workers. 

Is a Blockchain Course Worth It?

If you’re interested in a blockchain job, taking a blockchain course and getting a certification from a reputable company would help prove your expertise to employers. Below are some of the many benefits of holding a blockchain certification that is worth the time and money.

  • Higher pay than similar non-blockchain jobs.
  • Because there is less competition, it is easier to advance up the corporate ladder, and as more business verticals adopt blockchain technology, the opportunity for increased flexibility grows.

What to Look for in a Blockchain Course?

Before registering for any online blockchain course, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does it fit my needs? 

Not every blockchain job requires knowing how to code. For example, managers and strategists only need to understand how the technology works and what it can achieve. On the other hand, blockchain developers would need an understanding of several programming languages to create smart contracts. So decide on the appropriate course that fits your use case.

  • Will it help my career? 

If you’re already an expert in the computer field, seeking a career in the blockchain would be a significant step up for you. And since blockchain is now one of the most in-demand skills on the job market, investing in a blockchain course would be like buying Bitcoin while it was $10. Salaries are also increasing because of the severe lack of skilled developers in the blockchain space. 

  • What opportunities does it open up? 

Currently, blockchain technology is finding several use cases in banks, small startups, governments, venture capital funds, and other major technology applications. You’ll want to consider the wide variety of opportunities blockchain technology offers when picking a course to get started.

  • Does it help my brand?  

More than developing your skills in technology, a good blockchain course (that offers participants a certification) should help you sell your expertise to your potential employer. Businesses are more likely to hire candidates with accreditation from a reputable blockchain company. A portfolio of previous hands-on experience can also give you an advantage. 

Top 11 Blockchain Courses to Land High-Paying Jobs

There are tons of blockchain courses on the internet. And we know it would be a demanding experience trying to pick the ideal course for you. That’s why we’ve researched 35+ blockchain courses to help you save time—our research results in a list of the top 11 blockchain courses to land high-paying jobs. 

#1 Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases 

Course Overview

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have prior knowledge of coding, this course will get you through the basic principles of blockchain technology. The Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases course is an offering from ConsenSys, a well-known blockchain company hosted on the Coursera platform. 

According to its syllabus, the course would cover the foundations of blockchain technology in its first lesson. Later, it explores Bitcoin and Ethereum while educating students about the significance of next-generation blockchains. 

One of the things we like about this course is that it uses actual cases to illustrate the principles of blockchain technology. It’s also a free course, which is impressive based on the value you get for no cost. Overall, you’ll have a solid understanding of the technology and its current issues. 

Course info:

  • Prerequisites: None 
  • Difficulty: Beginner 
  • Duration: 16 hours 
  • Cost: Free

#2 Blockchain Specialization

Course Overview

This blockchain course focuses on the critical blockchain ideas you need to know to get started in the field. However, it’s not a suitable course for complete beginners just getting started with blockchain technology. If you want to know more about the techniques for creating, deploying, coding, and using smart contracts, then you should take this course.

This course includes a comprehensive overview of the blockchain ecosystem, covering a range of blockchain platforms. You’ll also get an in-depth understanding of various decentralization methods, like hashgraph and IPFS. 

The shining point of this course is that participants get to practice what they’ve learned through exercises and assignments. It’s also a fantastic freemium course you can take advantage of. 

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of HTML, web3 applications, command-line interfaces, object-oriented designs, and JavaScript. 
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Cost: Free

#3 Learn the Basics of Blockchain with Python

Course Overview

This is a hybrid course where you get to learn Python and blockchain technology. Here, you’ll learn the tried-and-true techniques for using Python to create a cryptocurrency and a blockchain. Also, you get to work on real-world projects, which could be a great addition to your portfolio.

Overall, this course would benefit anyone who wishes to learn Python as their first programming language. It also provides instructions for setting up and configuring. However, it’s not free like the courses we discussed earlier. You’ll have to subscribe to Codeacademy to unlock the course.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: Subscription-based

#4 Berkeley’s Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Course Overview

This edX blockchain course covers the technical and non-technical aspects of blockchain technology. It also explores various ecosystems and critical concepts and technologies related to blockchains. Additionally, it discusses the workings of blockchain technology, which will assist you in creating well-informed models and various hypotheses.

We love that this course went the extra mile to cover topics like bitcoin regulation, future applications, and broader consequences. This course also provides hands-on exercises to evaluate knowledge and ability. 

While the course was curated for beginners, it aims to turn participants into professionals within three months. However, it’s a bit more expensive than the other options we’ve discussed. 

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Difficulty: Beginner-advanced
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Cost: $198

#5 Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

Course Overview

As the title hinted, this Udemy course will teach you everything you need to know to create your first blockchain. You’ll learn how to use the technologies to make sophisticated applications. This lesson helps acquire hands-on experience with blockchain technology to accelerate processes.

We recommend this course for developers who want to acquire practical skills in creating blockchains and smart contracts. 

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Python and mathematics
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 14.5 hours
  • Cost: $50

#6 Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Course Overview

This course focuses on the Ethereum blockchain. Students will learn back-end and front-end programming while improving their grasp of smart contracts in this course. You will also learn about Metamask, Semantic UI, and React in the introductory lessons.

The course aims to teach students the top methods for creating expert applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Its content has also recently gone through some revisions to keep it up-to-date; no wonder it’s one of the most popular blockchain courses on Udemy.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Fundamentals of NPM and Javascript
  • Difficulty: Intermediate-advanced
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Cost: $50

#7 Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

Course Overview

The blockchain and bitcoin basics course on Udemy, taught by award-winning professor George Levy, is yet another best-selling course. Students can learn the fundamentals of bitcoin in this course.

Digital tokens, basic blockchain concepts, smart contracts, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and networks are all covered in the course. Additionally, you’ll learn about blockchain, bitcoin myths, and bitcoin mining.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cost: $50

#8 Become a Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity

This blockchain course will teach you how to make smart contracts using Solidity and Ethereum. The course material is comprehensive and well-organized, aiding in the development of a solid foundation in blockchain and related ideas.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the deployment of several Ethereum instances, including the main net, private chain, testrpc, and test chain, as well as decentralized application development.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge and experience in software development
  • Difficulty: Intermediate-advanced
  • Duration: 17 hours
  • Cost: $50

#9 The Basics of Blockchain: Ethereum, Bitcoin, & More

Course Overview

This blockchain training curriculum, created by Dr. Bill, Tom Serres, and Bettina Warburg, is another well-liked program offered on Udemy. You’ll discover the connections between businesses, the economy, and blockchain technology.

The course also provides a thorough overview of the potential effects that blockchain technology may have on many sectors of the economy. Business examples are used to clarify the principles.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the internet.
  • Difficulty: Beginner-advanced
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Cost: $50

#10 Blockchain Fundamentals

Course Overview

This blockchain training course, offered at Pluralsight, delves deeply into the fundamentals of blockchain. Jan-Erik outlines the connection between bitcoin and blockchain in this course. Additionally, students study how to set up a private blockchain network.

This training program is designed to let students get their hands dirty while learning about the full range of real-world uses for blockchain technology. It also teaches how to create smart contracts.

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computer science, IT, and information security
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Cost: $30 monthly subscription

#11 Cryptocurrency Fundamentals by 101 Blockchains

Course Overview

The ambitious professionals who seek to bridge the knowledge gap between formal schooling and becoming top-tier enterprise experts have been the target audience for the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course. This course will educate you and explain every cryptocurrency idea with real-world examples.

This course is for you if you want:

  • Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and how blockchain technology supports them.
  • Determine the benefits and utility of cryptocurrencies for the existing financial systems.
  • Review the cryptocurrency ecosystem to find the main actors, upcoming regulations, privacy concerns, and applications.
  • Analyze the hazards related to cryptocurrencies and how blockchain analysis might be used to reduce them.

How Do You Land a Job in Blockchain?

There are specific requirements your potential employer expects you to meet to guarantee a blockchain developer position. Background education in computer programming and math would be a massive advantage for you. It also boosts your chance of getting a blockchain job if you know about finance and economics.

Obtaining relevant certificates from prestigious institutions is also crucial in building a successful career in the blockchain industry.


As promised, we’ve provided some of the best blockchain courses on the internet in this article. Remember to prioritize courses that offer certificates at the end of the class. Also, check to see if the course fits your needs or helps your career before registering for any course. In the end, the best blockchain course would depend on your personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Course is Best for Learning Blockchain?

The ideal course for learning blockchain should provide a solid foundation in blockchain technology’s fundamentals. You can review one of the courses in this article for a start.

How Much Does a Blockchain Course Cost?

Contrary to popular belief, the best blockchain courses are relatively inexpensive. From the list above,  you can see that the average blockchain course costs around $50. You can also find some good freemium blockchain courses online. 

Who Can Enroll in a Blockchain Course?

Anyone can enroll in a blockchain course. Most blockchain courses only require participants to have a few technical skills or coding experience. However, some courses need you to have prior knowledge of some programming languages like Solidity, C++, Rust, etc. 

Is a Blockchain Certificate Worth It?

A blockchain certificate proves to your potential employer that you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the technology. It would also look great on your resume, especially if you have yet to gain any past working experience with a blockchain company.

Disclaimer: All the information on this website is published for general information purposes only. They are not financial advice and do not represent the opinions of Coindictate to buy or sell any asset. Please do your own research before taking any action. 

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