Top Blockchain Video Games to Make Money in 2021

Top Blockchain Video Games to Make Money in 2021

Who doesn’t like playing a good video game?

Video games are so popular, they have become part of our modern culture. From Super Mario to Mortal Kombat, video games are loved by millions of people. And one of the latest technologies on the block, blockchain refuses to be left behind.

Today, there are hundreds of blockchain video games you could play, all from the comfort of your device. What’s more, you can also earn money from them too!  

Top Blockchain Video Games in 2021

Here are the top blockchain video games to earn money from in 2012, and have fun while you are at it.

1. Cryptokitties

Of course, this list will not be complete without the most popular blockchain video games on the internet: Crpytokitties. Cryptokitties is based on NFTs, which stands for Non-fungible Tokens.  To play this game, you have to sign up on the website and link your MetaMask wallet.

After that, you create a cat and make it as special as you can. This is because you would have to sell it at an NFT marketplace when you are done. The money or Ether your kitty would fetch depends on the market, it’s not fixed.

2.  Axie Infinity

If Cryptokitties wasn’t the most popular blockchain game, then Axie Infinity would definitely be. This blockchain video game allows you to create special creatures called Axies. You need to spend at least $115 to buy 3 Axies, which would make up your team.

Not to worry as these Axies would fetch you money every day. Anytime you complete a daily quest or play adventure mode, you earn SLP (Small Love Potion).  Each SLP is worth $0.03 as of writing. With time, you can exchange your potion for real money on exchanges like Binance.

3. Cheese Wizards

Cheeze Wizards is another blockchain video game that is fun and lucrative. Interestingly, it was also created by Dapper Labs, the same company that made Cryptokitties. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is a game of battle and strategy.

How do you earn? You win money by engaging in a duel with other wizards. If you win the tournament, you could walk away with a mouth-watering prize of $1.5 million, which is equivalent to 615 ETH. The cash price gets bigger with every new wizard added to the tournament. More challenging, but more money.  You can play this game with a variety of backgrounds.

4. My Crypto Heroes

Japan is known for creating exciting technology, and My Crypto Heroes does not fall short of expectation.  The blockchain video game is also based on Ethereum and is basically an RPG game.  Your characters, known as heroes, can find rare NFTs for you in the game.

These NFTs you collect can be sold on any NFT marketplace. You can also fight with other “heroes” to earn NFTs, or create your own hero and put it up for sale. Players can trade the game’s currency, GUM, in-game. Whatever the case, you still earn from this game!

5. Splinterlands

Unlike other games on this list,  is a blockchain card game. In Spliterlands, you can earn in different ways. Firstly,  you can collect rare cards which are NFTs. You can compete in tournaments, although as a beginner, you need to increase your reputation before you can earn real cash. Players can go on quests to earn too.

With a high reputation in this game, you can get paid in Steem or dollars. A steem coin is approximately 0.6 dollars now. Without going to an NFT marketplace, you can buy and trade cards with other players in the game.

6.  Beyond The Void

An incredible blockchain video game like Beyond The Void is a must-play. The good thing about this game is that you can play with your friends, as it is completely multiplayer.  All events, from the battle to rewards occur in real-time, making it an exhilarating video game. As a spaced-theme game, it combines strategy and action.

Apart from battling other players, you can also customize your vehicle, “the mothership”, and modify the map the way you want it.  Beyond The Void can be played by both windows and Mac users.  You can earn by selling your Stardust boxes for cash.

7. Kingdoms Beyond

If you are looking for a free blockchain video game to play, Kingdoms Beyond is a fantastic choice. This Ethereum-based blockchain can be played directly on your internet browser after you sign up on the game’s site.

You get to earn from all the action by fighting mega characters known as ‘bosses’ for awesome rewards.  You can also build your entire kingdom from scratch, and sell it as an NFT. Your heroes can be sold too after you train and level them up.  Currently, the game has not been launched, as only a demo version is available.

8.  Worldopo

Worldopo is a blockchain video game that comes with something interesting; simulation. It is the only game on this list that makes use of virtual reality (VR).  In this game, you can buy real places with cash provided in the game. Think of it as a kind of Monopoly game.

Players can earn three different types of currency: Bitcoin, Ether and the token’s own coin, WPT. 1 WPT is worth 0.23 dollars now. Cashing out can be done using the MetaMask wallet. Users can get Worldopo from either Google Play Store or the iOS store.


Blockchain video games are a great way to earn while having fun on the internet. You get to enjoy the thrill of creating something new or battling for glory.

These games have the potential of being the future as they are decentralized, give you complete ownership of your creations, and not prone to server attacks like regular video games.

Note that some games pay small amounts, which might not be very helpful if you do not consistently play. Be wary of games that ask you to submit personal financial details. Have fun gaming!

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