TSUKA crypto spikes over 270% despite the bear market

TSUKA Crypto Spikes 270% in Bear Market, Correction Imminent

Dejitaru Tsuka crypto appears to be one of the bullish cryptocurrencies in the market, defying the unfavorable market environment right now. Although the token launched in the face of the bear market and began trading in July, at least, according to TradingView tracking, the holders have managed to keep the momentum running. 

Why is TSUKA crypto rising?

Since the beginning of September, TSUKA crypto has significantly increased from the initial value of $0.04070 to the current price of $0.1512 during the time of writing. This represents more than a 270% gain within a month. 

Coinmarketcap shows that TSUKA crypto’s market is estimated at around $155 million, with about $1.6 billion in trading volume. It remains unknown why TSUKA has skyrocketed, but the reasons may not be far from the community’s interest or hype. 

Meanwhile, this comes as other major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether, are seeing negative returns on the monthly chart. The king crypto is down by more than 12%, Ether (22%), Binance Coin (7%), Cardano (1%), Solana (6%), and Dogecoin (5%). 

Ripple is the only crypto in the top-ten list, with a positive 30-day return of 42%. The downtrend in the crypto market follows the recent negative macroeconomic factors like inflation brewing around the world. Cryptos, stocks, and other risk assets are struggling to push to the upside amid the increase in interest rates, which is not healthy for the respective markets. 

Will TSUKA crypto ever fall?

On the daily timeframe, the TSUKA crypto is currently in the oversold region. This suggests that TSUKA is likely to start correcting. However, only time shall review if the momentum from the community will be enough to sustain the price from seeing a massive correction that could erase all the gains printed since September and the month before. 

TUSKA crypto price chart
TUSKA crypto price
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