Ukraine Police Apprehends Crypto Call Scammers Targeting Europeans

Ukraine Police Apprehends Crypto Call Scammers  Targeting Europeans 

Ukraine’s National Police arrested a group of crypto “call center” cybercriminals called who basically were claiming to help Ukrainians and EU citizens who may have lost their crypto assets via scams

Ukraine Police Intercepts Crypto Scam Call Center

The gang of “call center” scammers was arrested on Tuesday by the Ukrainian National Police (NPU). The police said they pose to offer help to those affected by crypto scams, as well as recommend investment packages in cryptocurrencies, such as gold, oil, and other stocks.

The NPU furthermore announced that this group falsified the countries’ national banks and used websites and exchanges to attract European customers in order to access their confidential and private data.

Victims were asked to pay a certain amount of money as a commission to enable the group to recover their lost cryptocurrencies. Immediately after the payment, the gang would cease and be disabled communication with the victims, leading to double loss. 

Meanwhile, the NPU revealed that it has already taken hold of the devices belonging to the cybercriminals used in carrying out fraudulent operations. This includes computers, telephones, and data storage systems. 

Scammers Likely to Face 12 Years Jail Term

According to the police, the group has been charged with “fraud committed on a particularly large scale,” and for using harmful, malicious software, which is likely to attract up to 12 years jail sentence. 

Notably, this isn’t the first time Ukraine is dealing with such an act from call center scammers. Back in September 2021, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) cracked down on a similar fraudulent group based in Lviv, where thousands of European investors were scammed “under the pretext of investing in cryptocurrency.”

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