Upcoming Crypto Events in July: BNB 16th Quarterly Burn

Upcoming Crypto Events in July: BNB 16th Quarterly Burn

There’s a lot of important events that happen every month in the cryptocurrency space, ranging from technical improvements of protocol, Mainnet launch, airdrops, and token burns, to say the least

So, in this article, we will share some of the major upcoming crypto events in July you need to keep tabs on, which may include some of your favorite crypto projects or coins.

Upcoming Crypto Events – BNB, Ethereum, Swipe

#1 – SwipeChain Testnet Launch

The first and closest upcoming crypto event is the launching of SwipeChain Testnet in the next two days (i.e, July 6, 2021). 

SwipeChain is a layer-2 blockchain that is designed to complement Swipe’s existing chains, which include Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Swipechain forks from THORChain, and among other things, it will enable interoperability and trustless cross-chain swaps through Swipe Swap. 

With the SwipeChain launch, the SXP token will be interoperable on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, SwipeChain, and Binance Chain, according to Swipe. The mainnet launch will happen thereafter. 

#2 – Helium’s Activation of Miners on Mainnet

The process to activate validators on the Helium blockchain is scheduled to begin on July 7, 2021. Once completed, the validators on the network will be able to perform “Consensus Group” work, which comes with rewards in HNT tokens. 

Previously, the Helium team announced that the validators will be activated once a threshold of 100 nodes is met. The threshold was met some hours after the validators staking was enabled. 

As of July 4, about 11.9 million HNT tokens have been staked on the Helium network, with about 1,190 validators awaiting activation. 

#3 – Fifth Kusama Parachain Slot Auction 

Kusama is one other major project on our list of upcoming crypto events this month. Precisely, on July 13, Kusama will conduct the fifth parachain slot auction.  

Kusama is seen as an experimental development environment for developers or people looking to deploy their projects on Polkadot. The parachain slot auction comes as a bidding process through which projects can obtain a lease to develop on the Kusama network. 

#4 – Ethereum Classic Magneto Hard Fork Activation

Ethereum Classic’s Magneto hard fork will be activated on July 21, 2021. The network upgrade will reportedly happen at block height 13189133. 

Magneto upgrade is an important upcoming crypto event for the Ethereum Classic community. It will include the Ethereum Berlin upgrade, which is designed to optimize gas and transactions, including security enhancement. 

The ETC node operators are expected to upgrade their nodes to the Magneto-compatible version. 

#5 – Binance Coin (BNB) Sixth Quarterly Burn

Binance Coin’s (BNB) quarterly burn is one other upcoming crypto event that certainly interests the holders. Later this month, Binance will conduct the 16th BNB quarterly burn, a deflationary process to reduce the coin’s circulating supply. 

In the last quarter, a total of 1,099,888 BNB worth over $595 million was removed from circulation, accounting for the 15th quarterly burn. This was the highest amount of BNB ever destroyed by Binance in terms of US dollar value. 

#6 – Ethereum London Hard Fork

To conclude the list, the second largest blockchain network, Ethereum, will reportedly undergo the London hard fork later this month. 

Ethereum’s London Hard Fork is an update that will make significant changes to the blockchain’s transaction fees. Probably, it will be the solution to the high transaction fees on Ethereum, which has made the network quite expensive for an average user over the past few months. 

Whatever changes the updates bring are likely to be temporary, given that Ethereum 2.0 will still be launched.

Some other crypto events you need to know:

  • Function X Mainnet Launch – July 6
  • Phuture Testnet Launch – July 12
  • HoDooi Hosting Tyson Fury NFT Auction – July 12
  • Kava Swap Testnet Launch – July 12
  • Fetch AI Mainnet Upgrade – July 15
  • Radix Olympia Network Release – July 28
  • Orao Network Mainnet Launch – later in July
  • Kattana Platform Launch – later in July 

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