VVS crypto price prediction: Will VVS Finance go up?

VVS crypto price prediction: Will VVS Finance go up?

VVS Finance is the largest decentralized exchange project on the Cronos chain. If you’re wondering what VVS Finance stands for, it’s “very, very simple” finance. The developers created this DEX project with easy-to-use gamification and an interface that levels the playing field for both newbies and seasoned investors in decentralized finance and crypto. 

The Indian VVS team is “committed to producing Defi goods for the aunts and neighbors, to bring great protocols to the masses,” according to the official literature. But VVS Finance’s aim of making crypto trading mainstream seems bleak as the coin has been stuck in a bearish trend since its launch.

Data from CoinMarketCap on VVS Finance showed that the coin was selling at $0.000006792, is ranked #236, and had a live market cap of $ $136,519,074 at the time of this writing. 

Is VVS Finance going to experience a comeback? What is the VVS crypto price prediction? Want to know whether you should invest in VVS Finance? The rest of this article will provide an analytic price prediction on VVS Finance crypto. 

Prediction summary

By the end of 2022: We predict VVS will reach an average minimum price of $0.0000476 and an average maximum price of $0.0000563.

By the end of 2023: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0000577 and an average maximum price of $0.0000833.

By the end of 2024: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0000974 and an average maximum price of $0.0001381.

By the end of 2025: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0001431 and an average maximum price of $0.0001915.

By the end of 2026: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0002011 and an average maximum price of $0.0002755

By the end of 2027: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0002867 and an average maximum price of $0.0003453.

By the end of 2028: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0003582 and an average maximum price of $0.0005065.

By the end of 2029: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0005551 and an average maximum price of $0.0007765.

By the end of 2030: We predict VVS would reach an average minimum price of $0.0008353 and an average maximum price of $0.0013.

Quick overview of VVS finance

Coin NameVVS Finance 
Coin SymbolVVS
USD Price$0.000006792
Market Cap$136,519,074
24h Volume$2,972,419
Total Supply45,648,165,420,019

What is VVS Finance (VVS)?

According to CoinMarketCap’s DEX ranking, VVS Finance is ranked as the 32nd-largest cryptocurrency decentralized exchange. This project offers a variety of functionalities like staking, trading, and swaps. It’s backed by blockchain accelerator start-up Particle B.

The crypto project, which describes itself as the “portal to the decentralized finance movement,” ultimately aims to connect with billions of individuals. The initiative is backed by Crypto.com, giving the project credibility even if the creators of the cryptocurrency are unknown.

Users can make money through trading by acting as both a liquidity provider and a VVS miner, according to VVS Finance’s official website. Future protocol changes can be voted on by holders of the VVS token, which will also be utilized as a governance token.

VVS Finance is an automated market maker DEX. Liquidity pools in automatic market makers (AMMs) enable the trading of digital assets without authorization and a centralized structure, ensuring that no single organization controls the system. In contrast to traditional trading methods, these liquidity pools permit trading around the clock.

Because there weren’t as many buyers and sellers, cryptocurrencies had low liquidity. This issue was resolved by liquidity pools, whereby liquidity suppliers paid a fee in exchange for depositing their assets to contribute to liquidity, artificially creating liquidity.

To maintain a steady balance of assets in the liquidity pools, AMMs use a mathematical formula, which in theory aids in controlling the prices of the assets in the liquidity pools.

Traders are encouraged to profit from the price differential if prices in automated market makers diverge too much from the market price on other exchanges, bringing the market back to what is supposed to be equilibrium.

VVS Finance price history: Performance & stats

Immediately after launching, they went bullish, rising from $0.0001123 on November 22, 2021, to $0.0001542 on November 24, 2021. After then, the VVS coin plummeted to $0.0001154 on November 26, 2021, before increasing to $0.0001442 on December 3, 2021. The price of VVS dropped steadily throughout December, reaching $0.00006827 on December 13 and $0.00002382 on January 22 of the following year.

After then, the coin increased to $0.00004303 on February 10, 2022, before falling to $0.0000263 on February 24. The coin’s price reached an all-time low of $0.00002126 on March 18. 

However, the price increased when briefly recovering crypto markets began to emerge around the end of the first quarter of 2021. The coin sold at $0.00002833 on March 28, 2022, but the token did not sustain the increase. The cryptocurrency dropped even more, ending April at $0.00001949.

Due to a market-wide crisis, the token fell to new lows in May and June. In the weeks that followed, VVS was in a definite downward trend. 

Flash crashes slowed down the already turbulent markets, frightened investors, and caused the token’s value to drop to a new record-low of $0.000004955 on June 18. The coin was trading at $0.000006208 as of July 11, 2022, when we wrote this article, up almost 25% from its all-time low.

VVS crypto price

The maximum coin supply for the currency is 100 trillion, with 20,099.70 billion VVS now in circulation (20%). The coin is currently ranked 238th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, with a value of $136,519,074.

VVS crypto price prediction: Market opinions

Forecasts are helpful as a guide for potential price movements of a coin or token, but it’s crucial to remember that they should be seen as possibilities rather than absolutes. And it’s especially true when looking at long-term projections, as these can occasionally be wholly inaccurate. 

This uncertainty is due to the cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility and the numerous unknowns that could impact future values. In light of this, let’s examine some VVS Finance price forecasts from well-known price forecasting websites.


According to DigitalCoinPrice, the price of VVS Finance could increase by 50% in August to $0.00000907. Additionally, the website projects VVS’s average valuations will be $0.00000890 in 2023 (up 43%) and $0.00000902 in 2024 (up 45%).

VVS Finance is viewed as a solid long-term investment option by DigitalCoin Price, which projects that the token will climb to $0.0000283 by 2030, a 360% increase from its present value of $0.0000120.


WalletInvestor has a pessimistic view of the prospects of the VVS token. VVS might drop to $0.000000610 (a 90% drop from its current trading value) in a year and not recover, according to the prediction website, which rates the coin as a “poor long-term (one-year) investment.” 


Similar to WalletInvestor’s opinion about the future price of VVS, Gov.capital forecasts the coin will lose all of its value over the following 12 months. The AI-based forecast system believes if you invested $100 in VSS today, your investment would be worth $0 on 2023, July 19, Wednesday.


PricePrediction.net offers another VVS Finance price forecast for 2030, with a more optimistic long-term forecast of $0.00022966, or a 3,600% return on investment.

Our price prediction for VVS Finance

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

VVS crypto price Prediction 2022

Our technical analysis predicts that by the end of 2022, the price of VVS Finance will reach a maximum of $0.0000563. Depending on the market, the estimated average cost for VVS Finance may be as low as $0.0000492. However, if the market declines, the minimum price of VVS might drop to $0.0000476 by 2022. 

VVS crypto price prediction 2023

It has great potential if you’re planning to hold onto VVS Finance Coin for a while. According to our VVS Finance price forecast, VVS Coin will be worth a maximum of $0.0000833 by 2023. VVS Finance Coin can cost as much as $0.0000701 on average. Additionally, the minimum price of VVS Finance can decrease as low as $0.0000577 if there is a bearish trend. 

The prices of VVS Finance could increase more than expected during the upcoming bull movement.

VVS crypto Price Prediction 2024

Depending on the market trend, we anticipate VVS will trade at an average price of $0.0001009 in 2024. If the market turns positive, the VVS Finance price in 2024 can increase more than expected. In 2024, we expect VVS Finance to trade at a maximum price of $0.0001381. At the same time, the lowest price level is conceivable $0.0000974.

VVS crypto Price Prediction 2025

The long-term potential of the VVS Finance coin is enormous. In the following five years, the value of the VVS Coin might rise with increased acceptance and investment. If all goes according to plan, the average price level of VVS Crypto by 2025 may be close to $0.0001481. 

The maximum price of VVS Coin in 2025 might reach $0.0001915 if the market turns optimistic. At the same time, the smallest cost can be as low as $0.0001431. The VVS coin, however, might break all of its prior records and reach a new record high if there is a bull rise in 2025.

VVS crypto price prediction 2026

If you plan to own VVS Finance for a long time, it will give you an excellent return. The minimum price value of VVS Finance can be about $0.0002011, while the average price for the year 2026 can be $0.0002070. If a bull market rises in 2026, VVS Finance’s prices could soar and surpass our price prediction. The highest price is anticipated to be approximately $0.0002755.

VVS crypto price prediction 2027

Our estimate predicts that VVS Finance’s price for 2027 can move back and forth from $0.0003453 to $0.0002867. We expect VVS to trade at an average price of $0.0002950 by the end of 2027.

VVS crypto price prediction 2028

According to our price analysis of VVS Finance, we project that the VVS token’s price in 2028 would range from $0.0003582 to $0.0005065. We also predict VVS would end the year strong with an average price of $0.0004500.

VVS crypto price prediction 2029

Our VVS crypto price prediction for 2029 forecasts that the token would end the year with a maximum price of $0.0007765. We also expect the token to trade for a minimum price of $0.0005551 and an average price of $0.0006731.

VVS crypto price prediction 2030

According to our VVS price estimate and preliminary analysis, VVS Finance can reach a maximum price of $0.0013 by 2030. The price of VVS could soar in 2030 if VVS Finance forms alliances with other blockchain networks and launches new ventures. However, VVS may close in 2030 with a minimum price of $0.0008353 and an average price of $0.0009687.

Latest news on VVS Finance 

Where to buy VVS Finance 

You can buy a VVS token using the Metamask wallet. Below is a step-by-step guide to purchasing VVS.

  • Go to Metamask and ensure that you are using the Cronos Network
  • Select ‘Import Tokens,’ and then ‘Import Custom Token.’
  • Copy the Cronos contract from CoinMarketCap
  • Double-check that VVS is detected and select ‘Add Custom Token.’

Is VVS Finance the best crypto to buy in 2022?

One of the most well-liked projects on the market right now is VVS Finance cryptocurrency. The number of VVS token owners is constantly increasing, and many cryptocurrency traders choose VVS Finance Coin as their initial Defi token. 

Even though the token has been experiencing a lot of bearish markets, its increased interest from investors can give it a turnaround. While we don’t recommend the VVS token as an excellent short-term crypto investment option, you can consider it when looking for a long-term investment option.

Our opinion about VVS Finance should not be taken as financial advice. Like any other investment, we advise you to do your research about VVS Finance tokens or any other cryptocurrency before you invest your money. If you’re going to invest in cryptocurrency, only do so with the funds you can afford to lose. 

FAQs about VVS Finance crypto

How many VVS Finance are there?

The maximum supply of VVS Finance tokens is 100 trillion, with just over 20 trillion VVS tokens (20%) in circulation. 

Is VVS Finance a good investment?

According to many expert crypto analysts, the coin does not appear to be a viable investment right now. The protocol has not performed well since its inception since it is a highly inflationary coin in a crowded market. It has strong support from well-known cryptocurrency businesses like Crypto.com and Cronos Blockchain.

It’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile investments and that expert predictions can be off. 

Will VVS crypto go up?

Although some experts believe it might go down, it could go up. Always remember that forecasts, especially those made over a longer time, should be considered indicators rather than absolutes. Cryptocurrencies are highly erratic investments. It’s crucial to keep in mind that analyst predictions can be inaccurate. 

Should I invest in VVS Finance?

Whether you’ll invest in VVS Finance is your choice. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, thoroughly research the coin and determine your risk tolerance. Also, ensure you’re always up to date on any happenings and developments in VVS Finance ecosystem that can improve or reduce the token’s prospects.

Bottom line

The most popular Defi application right now on the Cronos chain is the VVS Finance protocol. Its simplicity makes it appealing because it enables anyone, even amateurs, to exchange tokens and generate big rewards through staking and yield farming. 

In light of everything, the attractive VVS Finance road map may add value to the Cronos ecosystem as the group works assiduously to raise its long-term prospects. The introduction of xVVS tokens and VVS token vaulting will also boost its chances for the future.

Do your research before making any crypto investment! We want to be clear that none of the figures or forecasts in this price prediction post are meant to be investment advice and shouldn’t be regarded as such. These forecasts are based on observational data that our platform’s analysts and specialists have examined.

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