What does WAGMI mean in crypto?

What does WAGMI mean in crypto?

If you spend enough time in the cryptocurrency world, you will quickly become aware of several acronyms and terms that may cause you to scratch your head.

Knowing and using these slang terms gives you a sense of belonging to the crypto community. To all the genuine crypto geeks out there, this one’s for you if you have been asking, “what does WAGMI mean in crypto?” Please read further.

What does WAGMI mean in crypto?

The world of crypto has its own unique jargon. WAGMI, an acronym for “we’re all going to make it,” has become a popular catchphrase among cryptocurrency traders. This expression refers to the widespread belief that anybody can become financially independent from cryptocurrency trading.

WAGMI is a term used to show solidarity with other crypto traders, investors, or Instagram followers. It’s less of a “revolutionary overwhelm the system” statement and more of a “let’s work together to develop something good that benefits the modern-day investors” movement.

Companies like Pepsi and Budweiser are tweeting out WAGMI in an effort to connect with the crypto audience, while a parody of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Randi Zuckerberg using the lyrics “We’re all going to make it / Yeah, we’re all going to make it” became popular as crypto became more mainstream.

The tragic true story behind WAGMI

Contrary to what most people think, the word WAGMI has been around for a long time, far outside the crypto world. The late Australian-Russian bodybuilder Zyzz popularized the word in his motivational video. Speaking in a very Australian manner, he said:

“You gotta be a ripped c*nt. You gotta be a shredded c*nt. You gotta go to the gym, you gotta not give a f*ck. That’s what we do bro. That’s what the Zyzz c*nts do. That’s what the revolution is, bro. None of this f*cking sad c*nt sh*t. We’re all going to f*cking make it bro, that’s it!

Shavershian, who was just 22, died of a heart attack in Thailand, and the footage was uploaded after his death in 2012. According to his relatives, a postmortem investigation indicated that he had been suffering from an underlying heart condition. Even after his death, the personality cult that had grown up around Zyzz continued to expand, and there are now thriving online groups that are devoted to his legacy. His following of devotees seek to become shredded and “make zyzz proud,” and tribute films praising him as an angel have racked up millions of views.

How did a word that originated in a small, male-dominated subculture of online fitness enthusiasts suddenly become the most upbeat mantra in the crypto community?

In 2021, the term was adopted by the /biz/ subreddit on 4chan, which is part of the /fit/ community. For this reason, the phrase “short squeeze” became widely used on the ‘WallStreetBets‘ subreddit in 2021, specifically in reference to the $GME and $AMC asset values.

Due to the fact that many of the ‘investors’ in $GME and $AMC were really crypto enthusiasts, the phrase has now spread to the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Other cryptocurrency slangs

1. GM

GM simply stands for “Good Morning.” Since the crypto community is really worldwide, it’s customary to greet each other with a hearty “good morning” as the day begins. Most people in the Twitter community start their day with a “Good morning” tweet, and their followers respond with another “Good morning” tweet.

2. GN

The opposite of GM is GN, which means “Good Night.” In the same manner that prominent members of the cryptocurrency industry always say “good morning” (or “GM”) upon waking up, they always say “good night” (or “GN”) before retiring for the day.

3. CT 

CT is an abbreviation for “Crypto Twitter.” If you haven’t been following the crypto scene, you’re missing out on a lot of the newest dumps and breaking stories that are shared first on Twitter. Alternately, it might mean the people who use Twitter to discuss cryptocurrency.


Legit. Ironically, this expression is used when something does not appear true.

5. SER

Sir. “gm ser” is an appropriate way to address someone you know who is a part of the NFT community.

Final thoughts

There will be a rise in the number of unique crypto-related acronyms as crypto gains popularity, innovation persists, and more individuals enter the conversation.

In the end, WAGMI!

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