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Blockfolio Attack: Servers Send Out Derogatory Message to Users

When crypto platforms are hacked, there is no telling how far hackers could go with their vice. The Blockfolio attack proves hackers can go a step further into obscene things.

Hackers Resulted to Posting Obscenities on the Platform

The attack, reported in the early hours of this morning, left a bad taste in the mouth of users. Many users say they received a push notification saying Blockfolio was closed to two groups of people, obviously an offensive message. The false notification advised users to immediately withdraw their funds or risk losing them.

A Twitter user @BlueD3mise says he saw a quite disturbing image instead of the usual Bitcoin ticker.

Another Twitter user @fluffypony reported the abnormality immediately to Blockfolio. He shared a screenshot of news claiming that DASH was closing down its services. 

Later on, it was discovered that the app’s signal management system was seriously attacked by the hackers. This caused different kinds of distorted information to be displayed on the Blockfolio app. The hackers, during the attack, also changed the names of some cryptos.

Blockfolio took to Twitter to apologize to users and assure them that their funds were safe. “We are incredibly sorry about the offensive messages posted on Blockfolio today,” the trading app said. “Funds, trading, etc. are not at risk; this only affected the displayed information.” The person, or persons, behind this attack has not yet been identified. However, the platform also disclosed that it was looking into the matter currently.

Extra $10 for trading on Blockfolio

The crypto tracking platform, owned by FTX, is a popular platform in the crypto community.  The platform was acquired last year by its new parent company, FTX. The $150 million acquisition was sealed in August last year and brought Blockfolio under the FTX umbrella. 

Two weeks ago, the platform launched its trading app. Subsequently making crypto trading easier for its 6 million users. With the recent attack, trading on the app might be affected as users are scared of losing their funds. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried however encourages users to trade with the app, saying traders will be given an extra $10 for trades.

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