Chris Cupp regrets btc sale in 2017

Youtuber Chris Cupp Regrets Spending 30.5 BTC on Old Hondas In 2017

Chris Cupp a Youtuber with the channel name ‘Nsxtra’ has said he regrets his decision back in 2017. As at 2017 a bitcoin was worth $1000 and many considered it a meagre sum, so Cupp decided to spend the bitcoin he had then on his dream car.

Buy a Dream Car or Hold Bitcoin?

Chris Cupp had 30.5BTC as at 2017, on valentine’s day 2017 he decided to get himself his dream car. He paid 30.5BTC for his Honda Acura NSX. Looking back at his decision he has confessed that he is ‘depressed’. 

The price for a bitcoin then was at $1000 range, the ‘dream car’ costs $35,000 as at 2017.

However with bitcoin reaching an all time high of $50k as at press time, Cupp’s 30.5BTC would have cost millions of dollars in the current market. 

He didn’t only fail to hold in valentine 2017, he proceeded to buy another Honda Acura NSX in 2018. He used 6.5 BTC (appr. $26,000) to buy the car in the 2018 black friday sales.

Chris Cupp’s Advice Hold Bitcoin

The total amount Chris Cupp spent on his dream cars was 37BTC, as at then it was not up to 1 million dollars. However seeing this worth would’ve been a little above $1.8 million today he is depressed.

He advised his subscribers to ‘hold Bitcoin.’ He said, “I essentially turned 37 bitcoins to 2 bitcoins.”

He gave this final remark by saying,  “Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t completely leave cryptocurrency. I didn’t do that, but I got rid of the majority of it.”

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