Top 10 Cardano Staking Calculators to Earn ADA Rewards

Top 10 Cardano Staking Calculators to Check ADA Rewards

Since staking was launched in the Cardano protocol late last year, many people have been taking advantage of it. Staking simply means giving your ADA to a staking pool or operator in return for interest or rewards. Staking rewards or interests are usually paid out every epoch, which means five days. 

However, your rewards are paid out after the first 20 days because of the blocks needed. You can choose to unstake Cardano at any time. The more ADA you stake, the more ADA you need to know how much you would earn; you need a Cardano staking calculator. These calculators give you an idea of how much ADA you would make at the end of the day. 

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Top Cardano staking calculators you should check out

1. Adatainment

Adatainment is probably the simplest staking calculator you would find. All you have to do is input the amount of ADA you want to stake, and you see the results immediately.

It also allows you to see how much Cardano you can earn with different time frames. At a glance, you are shown how much your Cardano would yield per day, per epoch, per month, and year.

2.Cheeky Crypto

Cheeky Crypto is one site that offers an easy-to-use Cardano staking calculator. You get to choose whether you want your rewards calculated in dollars, pounds, or euros. For those who want to use Cardano staking as a passive income, this is the best calculator.

After typing in the amount of ADA you and the money you desire to make out of staking, you are shown a price. This is the price ADA must reach to give you a passive income. It can be used by traders to estimate their profit in staking as well.

3. Atomic Wallet

Being both a crypto exchange and a hot wallet, Atomic wallet offers another great feature: a Cardano staking calculator. You don’t have to open a wallet to them to calculate your staking rewards.

Simply go to their website, and input the amount of ADA you want to stake. You get to also vary the time for staking, from 1 day to 1 year. It’s simple and intuitive, with a price chart to help you see how much your Cardano is worth in dollars.

4. Staking Rewards

This is a multi-purpose staking calculator that can be used to calculate interests on over 50+ coins, including Cardano. To use this calculator, you have to choose Cardano first as your asset.

The next step is to choose if you want to delegate ADA, lend it, or run a stake pool. The disadvantage with this calculator is that you can edit the amount of ADA you wish to stake. It is fixed at 1000. You can also select advanced parameters like fees and compound rewards.


Weareadacardano, also known as WAAC for short, is good. This Cardano staking calculator requires just the amount of ADA you wish to stake. When you input this, you would see how much ADA you could earn every day, week, or month. 

The good thing about WAAC’s calculator is that it shows you the best and worst returns you can get on your staked ADA. There are no technicalities involved, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Like most calculators, this one just provides an estimate.

6. Everstake

Everstake provides you with a way to state ADA and earns Everstake, its own coin, as a reward. The site has a Cardano staking calculator that shows your earnings in detail.

From Everstake, you can see how much ADA you would earn per day, month or year in either dollars or ADA. It is simple to use, although it is a very basic site with few properties. 

7. Cardano with Paul is a cryptocurrency website that deals with all things related to only Cardano. On the site, you can see how to stake Cardano, how to trade it, and a Cardano staking calculator.

The calculator is quite easy to use. All you need to provide is the amount of ADA you want to stake and the duration. After that, you see your interests both without compounding and with compounding immediately.

8. Antipalos Cardano Calculator

The Antipalos Cardano Calculator is a calculator available to both Github users and the general public. You can vary different parameters like the year of staking and the transactions in the epoch. 

This calculator is recommended for those with expert knowledge in blockchain or programming because it is not easy to understand. However, it gives you an idea of the ADA you would earn from staking in real-time. You could just stick with the first two parameters to avoid technicalities.


Although the site still has an old website appearance, it is still a good Cardano staking calculator. It’s more detailed than the first three as it shows other important parameters to users.

You can vary criteria like inflation, treasury tax, and stake pool fee to see how your Cardano would do. Any figure you put automatically gives a result. At the top of the calculator, you see how much ADA you would earn in different periods.

10. Cardano Foundation

Yes, Cardano Foundation, the creators of ADA, have their own Cardano staking calculator. Before using the calculator, you will be presented with two options. You can either select the ‘Delegate my stake’ option, or choose the ‘Run a stake pool option.’ 

Each calculator will give you different results. The downside to this calculator is that it contains a lot of technicalities. It’s suitable for those who want to know more about staking statistics, but those who just want to know how much they will earn.


Staking ADA is a great way to let your coin earn some interest for you. All the Cardano staking calculators listed above would help you estimate how much you can make on your ADA. Never input your wallet address on any site unless it is a trusted site. I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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