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Dave Bitcoin – The Technician who can Help Recover Your Crypto Assets

In a world where cryptocurrency prices can easily rise and fall, it will be disastrous not to cash in when it has a bull run.

Many people have kept crypto assets in a password protected device and may have forgotten the password. The agony that comes with having a thing and not being able to access it is great.

A technical company has come to bring an end to this trouble. Wallet Recovery Services co-founded by Dave Bitcoin is a firm established to help recover access to password-protected wallets. 

Dave Bitcoin – the Answer To Locked Away Fortunes

In the early days of this year, a programmer living in San Francisco was in the news. Stefan Thomas was reported to have had just two guesses left to access his crypto wallet. The problem was that he had forgotten the password to the now locked away $220 Million crypto asset.

Dave Bitcoin and his partner are here as a solution to such issue and more.

They both developed the application which they now use as just a hobby way back in 2013.

The exclusive software basically launches a powerful assault on your crypto wallet. It attempts a huge number of passwords with hardly a pause in between. It runs on Linux nodes facilitated on AWS.

The algorithm the product utilizes attempts a combination of whatever potential passwords clients think may be related with the wallet. This frequently works in light of the fact that shockingly, individuals will in general reuse passwords, in spite of a large group of reasons to not do as such.

More Requests For The Service

Dave Bitcoin says many people have requested for the firm’s service. He also explained that he receives mails on these offers.

He said;

“They’d be like, ‘Hey, I did a job once for someone two years ago and they paid me in bitcoin. I never really cared for it, but now I know I have bitcoin, but I don’t know how to get to it’. Can you help me?”

Although some get their wishes and retrieve their locked away crypto assets, others do not. A particular case is when a client has lost their “seed phrase”. Such wallets can not be recovered. 

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