Spencer Dinwiddie

NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie Talks About His Crypto App

Spencer Dinwiddie, a NBA player who plays as a guard for Brooklyn Nets is set to launch Calaxy. Calaxy is a crypto-based application that he is set to launch to help players and generally entertainers to monetize themselves through social tokens.

The Spencer Dinwiddie’s Calaxy

Spencer Dinwiddie is a NBA player who also doubles as a crypto enthusiast. His affair with crypto began publicly in 2017 when he bought Bitcoin. 

Speaking on the concept of cryptocurrency and the DeFi space he said, the whole idea gave him a sense of trust and transparency” and a “seamless flow of value”.

Explaining further he said, this gave him a sense of responsibility to extend this to other entertainers. The outcome is a tokenized social environment based on Hedera Hashgraph, a circulated ledger innovation like a blockchain.

Calaxy is a portmanteau of “creator’s galaxy,” and it looks to help genuine entertainers earn profits. Profits can be gotten a wide range of sources including memorabilia deals to appearances and even sell shares on their contracts.

He said, this is like a huge worth lodged in the entertainment industry worked off from the intellectual innovation of creative and the resemblance and range of abilities of creative. 

Spencer Dinwiddie’s aim is to make a social super application, that houses all sorts of highlights, like a sort of an all inclusive resource for monetizing oneself.

This is totally facilitated using Creator Tokens that will permit fans to put resources into and connect with their number one influencers.

How Does The Calaxy Works?

Creators that sign up on the platform issue their own token. As fans buy it, they gain admittance to special experiences.

Calaxy framework isn’t excessively different from Patreon, in which individuals support artists with money related commitments as a trade-off for exclusive contents. Be that as it may, the crypto asset adds a totally different range in this case, making tokens tradable.

Spencer Dinwiddie explained that, what this will be is a powerful economy where these social tokens have valid and true value since individuals need to perhaps purchase time.

The experience isn’t restricted to entertainers only .

The site for Calaxy, which is yet to be launched, doesn’t make reference to which different entertainers have signed on. However, it includes photographs of Matt James, a contestant in the Bachelor and model Claudia Sampedro.

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