Samsung Launches Flagship Metaverse Store in Decentraland

Samsung Launches Flagship Metaverse Store in Decentraland

Samsung, the electronic giant, has entered the metaverse following a partnership with Decentraland to launch its flagship 837X store. The Samsung 837X is a virtual mirage of its flagship 837 store and will be available in Decentraland for some time. 

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on Ethereum. The flagship Metaverse store is situated in Washington street, Meatpacking District – New York City. It’s a virtual world where users have the privilege of interacting as avatars.

During an interaction with the Block, the company stated that the metaverse store is among the top projects in Decentealand history. The company shared this statement on Thursday, adding that the Samsung 837X store will provide digital adventures to users.  It will achieve this via musical celebrations through three areas; Sustainability Forest, Customization Stage, and Connectivity Theater.

The Sustainability Forest entails a journey through millions of trees; this is to mark the sustainability initiatives of the Company. The Customization stage displays a live dance party in Metaverse with DJ Gamma Vibes as the host. The host will originate from the Samsung 837 store and the owners of the NFT badge engages in a raffle. This is to ascertain who wins the avatars Decentralised Samsung-branded Swag. The winners will have their details announced on January 7th at 8:37 pm ET. 

The Connectivity Theater is responsible for displaying Samsung news at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022). The show, which kicked off on January 5th, will last till January 8th. However, through the completion of quests, Decentraland users can leverage experimental playgrounds and, in turn, earn NFTs. According to Michelle Crossan-Matos, the Metaverse enables users to transcend spatial and physical limits. It enables them to create peculiar virtual experiences that couldn’t have ordinarily happened. 

At Samsung Electronics America, Michelle is the senior vise president of Communications and Corporate Marketing. The Samsung company intends to extend the virtual 837X to other metaverse platforms. In 2020, Samsung deployed a blockchain solution to protect its users shared files.

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