Best exchanges to buy My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) today

Top trading platforms to buy My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

So, the native cryptocurrency of the My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) barely began trading on crypto exchanges, buy already up by over 20,000 percent on Binance. The project is a multiplayer builder game, and most of the activities will be powered by the native cryptocurrency, which means ALICE will make a good investment depending on the project traction. Meanwhile, here are the few exchanges where you can buy My Neighbor Alice token (ALICE) today. 

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Where to buy My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) token 

My Neighbor Alice – Medium

The cryptocurrency barely began trading, and so, there are only a handful of crypto exchanges where you can buy My Neighbor Alice token at the moment. They include:

  • Binance
  • Uniswap
  • HBTC


Binance is the best exchange where you can buy My Neighbor Alice token at the moment, given its popularity and liquidity rate. ALICE listing on the cryptocurrency exchange was, of course, a milestone that enabled more people to access the ALICE cryptocurrency. It’s safe to mention that the listing of MyNeighborAlice token on Binance spurred the massive increase in the token price. 

The token began trading today on Binance at exactly 06:00 AM (UTC) on the innovative zone. Interested users can buy My Neighbor Alice tokens on the exchange with the following trading pairs.


Note: My Neighbor Alice is the 18th project on Binance Launchpool.


Uniswap is another trading platform where you can buy My Neighbor Alice tokens at the moment. Uniswap is one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the Ethereum blockchain, with over $4 billion in digital currencies locked. According to Coinmarketcap, the Alice ALICE token is also available on the decentralized exchange via a crypto-to-crypto trading pair.

  • You can buy My Neighbor Alice on Uniswap via the pair, ALICE/USDT.

The ALICE cryptocurrency trading volume on Uniswap is $429,276 during the time of writing. Coinmarketcap also notes that the confidence in the token is high. 


HBTC is another popular cryptocurrency exchange to buy My Neighbor Alice cryptocurrency today. The cryptocurrency is trading on the exchange in a single pair, ALICE/USDT. The liquidity score on the exchange for the cryptocurrency is 61, while the trading volume sits around$26,876,825 per Coinmarketcap.

The ALICE cryptocurrency is also trading on the exchange. is rated as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with authentic trading volume. Market data from Coingecko showed that My Neighbor Alice token can be traded on the exchange via two pairs. They include:


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How to earn My Neighbor Alice token (ALICE)

Aside from buying My Neighbor Alice cryptocurrency, there are other ways you can get more of the token, which includes Staking and Player Incentives.


If you don’t want to buy My Neighbor Alice token, you can earn more of it by simply staking it. 

Staking is simply the process of locking cryptocurrencies in a specified pool for the sole purpose of participating in transaction validation, which usually comes with a reward (in the underlying cryptocurrency). This process is very common in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, which simply means that the ALICE cryptocurrency is running on a PoS blockchain. 

So, you can earn a percentage of the platform revenues by taking ALICE cryptocurrencies. Binance supports ALICE staking in the following pools:

  • Stake CHR: 300,000 ALICE in rewards (10%)
  • Stake BUSD: 600,000 ALICE in rewards (20%)
  • Stake BNB: 2,100,000 ALICE in rewards (70%)

Player incentives

The Player incentive is a nice strategy designed to encourage more participation in the network. So, by accomplishing certain tasks on the builder game, the users/players stand to win more ALICE cryptocurrency as a reward. This should keep the traction on the platform on continuous growth. 

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) price update

MyNeighborAlice token is currently ranked the 103 largest digital currency by market capitalization. During press time, the cryptocurrency was trading at $28.66 percent, with a market capitalization of over $466 million from a circulating supply of 17,400,000 ALICE.  Interestingly, the 24 hours trading volume is sitting at over $1 billion, which is clearly indicative of a rush for the cryptocurrency.

Although the cryptocurrency is barely listed on Binance, it’s already up by over 27,000 percent, ranking as the top gaining digital currency today. 

About My Neighbor Alice project

The project is more like a multiplayer builder game, where people can purchase and own virtual islands, construct any time and also interact with new people or neighbors, per se. ALICE was launched as the utility token of My Neighbor Alice and will be used as the governance token and as the in-game currency. This means that transactions or purchases made on the builder game will be made using the ALICE cryptocurrency. 

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