What to Know Before Buying Blin Metaverse Token (BLIN)

What is Blin Metaverse Token – Buyers’ Guide

The concept and projects on metaverse exploded last year, as big-tech companies such as Facebook began dabbling into it. This subsequently resulted in the massive increase in the market value of some metaverse-related digital currencies as well as interest in the underlying projects. Blin Metaverse is one of many projects in the limelight.

However, before investing or getting involved in the project, here are some of the information you need to know about Blin Metaverse and its native cryptocurrency, BLIN.

From Blin Metaverse to Blin MetaDao

The Blin Metaverse project has been under development since the first quarter of 2021, and it was recently upgraded from Blin Metaverse to Blin MetaDao to better reflect their efforts in building on the field of the metaverse. The project is currently based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but will be deployed in other public blockchains like Ethereum, according to the CMO John McCarthy. 

The project was presented as a “decentralized and comprehensive NFT infrastructure,” aimed at simplifying the process for building on the metaverse. To achieve this, Blin Metaverse condensed into a formula segmented into “creation, play, display, social, and trade.”

As a decentralized infrastructure for the metaverse, the project planned to focus on Gaming Finance (GameFi), digital artworks, digitization of physical assets, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It also intends to support a decentralized exchange and NFT store. As seen on the Roadmap, the team will deploy the v2.0 of Blin Metaverse’s decentralized application (dApp).

In The News

  • On January 4, the team began a smart contract upgrade for the project, and it was expected to last for about seven days. 
  • In November, Blin Metaverse announced HAGLIEN as the fourth potential game to launch on the network.
  • Rock Kwanlada, the winner of Miss Tiffany 2020, partnered with the project in September.
  • The project’s contract passed CertiK’s security code audit in September.
  • Blin MetaDao also secured a partnership with Gate.io in September. 

Blin Metaverse Token (BLIN)

BLIN is the native token of Blin Metaverse, and it will be used to power most of the activities in the network. Among other things, the token can be staked to enable developers or crypto users to participate in Dao governance and also join in the development of the project’s ecology.

Key data:

  • Token: BLIN
  • Market Cap: Fully diluted market cap is $3.2 million
  • Total Supply: 9,161,713 BLIN
  • Max Supply: 42,000,000 BLIN
  • Output: 1.11BLIN per block
  • Holders: 4,993 addresses
  • Burn: 3% burned in each swap.

The Blin Metaverse token price was $0.3582 during publication time. The earliest trading data for BLIN was on December 2021, when the token traded around $0.20, according to Nomics. On January 4, 2021, BLIN surged by more than 120% – from $0.269 to $0.60 – following the listing on Coinmarkcap. At the current price, however, the value is down by about 40%, with a trading volume of around $1,095,580 per Coinmarketcap.

Blin Metaverse price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Show You Buy BLIN Token?

Speculations abound for the future value of the BLIN token, but there are some things that suggest the token could be worth investing in. Firstly, the metaverse is just getting started, and it’s expected that more capitals are likely to flow into the field as the sector grows. In such a case, many tokens like BLIN related to metaverse are likely to see a massive increase in value. 

Also, BLIN was barely launched in the cryptocurrency market. It’s currently trending around the world, which ostensibly indicates the presence of interest in the project. The project is backed by some notable firms, and the contract is certified by CertiK.

Where to buy:

The Blin Metaverse token is only supported by three crypto exchanges at the moment, which include Gate.io, PancakeSwap, and ZT Exchange. 

  • BLIN/USDT – Gate.io
  • BLIN/USDT – PancakeSwap
  • BLIN/WBNB – PancakeSwap
  • BLIN/USDT – ZT Exchange


  • BLIN isn’t available on major cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  • Some details in the whitepaper are yet to be completed.
  • Not enough information for the 2022 roadmap is available. 
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