Polygon Price Prediction 2021 - 2025: Can MATIC be Worth $5

Polygon Price Prediction 2021 – 2025: Can MATIC be Worth $5

In this content (Polygon price prediction for 2021 to 2025), we explained the tech proposition of the newly rebranded Polygon network, and what Polygon will likely be worth in 2025 upwards.

Polygon has become more popular ever since the blockchain scalability platform rebranded from Matic Network to Polygon. To that extent, many people considered the Polygon token as one of the few promising cryptocurrencies worth holding in their portfolio, owing to the tech proposition of the rebranded network. 

However, the question remains: Is the MATIC token worth the buying? Can the Polygon token be worth over $5 in 2021 or 2025? In this article, we will look at these and more questions to ascertain whether the Polygon cryptocurrency is overhyped or worth paying attention to.

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Circulation Supply6.48 Billion MATIC
Maximum Supply10 Billion MATIC
Market Capitalization$9.6 Billion
All-Time High$2.68 May 18, 2021
All-Time Low$0.003012 May 09, 2019
Polygon RO32997.63%

What is Polygon and MATIC?

Previously known as Matic, Polygon is an Indian-based blockchain scalability platform that aims to connect and enable a building framework for Ethereum-compatible blockchain projects. Sandeep Nailwal is the co-founder of the Polygon network. The major objective of the network was to address the scalability issues affecting the current Ethereum blockchain, which includes slow and high transaction fees.

Many developers, including Ethereum-based projects, are leveraging the Polygon solution to ensure a high-performance and scalable decentralized application. It is said that Polygon has been successful because it’s the only available scalability solution that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

MATIC is the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network. It is worth mentioning that this token plays a significant role in the growth of the network. Among other things, it’s employed for network security as well as governance.

MATIC and market Performance

MATIC was launched as an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s interesting to note that MATIC is the utility and settlement currency of the Polygon network. Users on the network pay for transactions or services using the cryptocurrency, which indicates that the token will continue to exist and potentially grow as the network gains more traction.

The MATC token was initially released in 2017 during the network’s first private sale. At the time, only 3.8 percent of the max supply was issued. Polygon also issued an additional 19 percent of the supply during their launchpad sale two years ago, which enabled them to raise up to $5 million. 

As of August 27, about 6.48 billion MATIC, out of the 10,000,000,000 MATIC maximum supply, are currently in circulation. The tokens are released every month, and it is estimated that all the tokens will be in supply by December 2022.

Market performance

CoinMarketCap began tracking the price of Polygon token from April 2019 at the market value of $0.003471. As seen from the price chart below, MATIC didn’t make any significant up-or-down movement until January 2021, which coincided with the rally in the cryptocurrency market in general.

From as low as $0.01904 on January 1, the price of MATIC surged to an all-time high of $2.4544, although there were some drawbacks along the line. However, that represents a 12,790 percent increase for anyone who bought and HODLed the token from January to May. During the time of writing, MATIC was trading below the ATH but ranked as the 17th largest digital currency with a market capitalization of over $9.6 billion.

Polygon price prediction 2021 – 2025

For the MATIC price prediction, we will consider what several popular prediction platforms are charting regarding the future value of MATIC. Although the predictions are not 100 percent accurate, they can give a clue on whether MATIC will be worth $5 this year or in the next five years.

Youtube Prediction

Below is a recent Youtube video prediction for Polygon by top cryptocurrency experts and analysts. 

MATIC price prediction 2021

Wallet Investor: The Polygon price prediction by Wallet Investor is strongly bullish. The platform predicted that the token would be near the $2 mark again later in September 2021. The long-term earning potential for MATIC is +199.65% annually, and Wallet Investors says the price could reach about $4.5 in one year. The platform added that the Polygon token price would reach as high as $10, $20, and $50. However, this can’t happen within a period of one year. 

Digital Coin Price: The prediction from the Digital Coin Price platform reads that MATIC will trade above $2 on average. Basically, the platform is suggesting in its Polygon price prediction page that the token will increase in value and that it’s a “profitable investment based on our forecasting.” One year from now, the price of Polygon token will be around $2.3, Digital Coin Price predicts.

MATIC price prediction 2022

Wallet Investor: MATIC might touch a high of $3.6 in January 2022, according to the Polygon price prediction by Wallet Investor. The chart reads that the average price of MATIC tokens will be between $3.5 to $4 throughout the first half of the year. From July to December, Wallet Investor says the average price will grow from the $4 range to $5.4. The highest price level will be at $6.001 in December.

So judging by Polygon price prediction by Wallet Investor, 2022 is likely to be the year where the price of MATIC will trade above $5. 

Digital Coin Price: The 2022 Polygon price prediction from this platform isn’t as bullish as Wallet Investor forecasted. Per the Digital Coin Price, MATIC will trade below $3 on average. It will reach an average price of $2.33 in January 2022 and $2.47 in December. The highest price for the year will be around $2.97 in May, according to the forecast. 

MATIC price prediction 2023

This is the summary of Polygon prediction for 2023 by Wallet Investor. 

MonthAverage Price Minimum Price Maximum Price
January $5.779$5.279$6.342
February $5.997$5.460$6.475
March$6.189$5.703  $6.719
May $6.686$6.176$7.191

MATIC prediction 2024

This is the summary of Polygon prediction for 2024 by Wallet Investor. 

MonthAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price

MATIC prediction 2025

This is the summary of Polygon prediction for 2025 by Wallet Investor. 

MonthAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Bullish cases for MATIC

Polygon Network has tied a lot of value around their native cryptocurrency, which is a big plus for investors or MATIC holders. MATIC is a utility token that will be used in the network governance, staking, and gas fee. This extends the potential for the token to increase in demand and value. However, this is only if more users or projects will join the Polygon network. 

Also, MATIC can gain a price boost as Polygon continues to expand, advance, and develop more useful solutions or products. Most cryptocurrency reacts positively in value when their underlying projects make a big announcement. 

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Can Polygon reach $100? – MATIC has the potential to reach $100. However, such a price level is very unlikely in the near future. 

Is MATIC network a good investment? – MATIC is a utility token that will continue to exist and grow in value provided the Polygon network continues to gain traction.

How do I invest in polygon Crypto? – You can start investing in Polygon tokens by registering with a crypto exchange that supports MATIC, e.g., Binance, and Coinbase. You can easily buy MATIC from there. 

What will polygons be worth in 2025? – Judging by the Polygon price predictions we’ve seen so far, a fair forecast for 2025 will be around $5 to $10. 

Can you mine polygon? – You cannot mine Polygon token. MATIC runs on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, meaning it only supports staking.

Disclaimer: All the information on this website is published for general information purposes only. They are not financial advice and do not represent the opinions of Coindictate to buy or sell any asset. Please do your own research before taking any action. 

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